He realised you can’t rebuild guys from the ground up once they’re at that point in their careers, and got on with working with them.


When it comes to coaching it’s all horses for courses, some may be better suited to certain situations and some may be better suited to others. Buchanan presided over the most successful period of Australian Cricket and didn’t F it up, so he goes down as a good coach


Is there any former cricketers you haven’t yet suggested is either an idiot or a ■■■■■■■■??

Warney didn’t get along with Buchanan.
Not the only bloke Warney didn’t get along with. Almost opposite personality types, uber nerd socks up type vs Warney. Point being they were able to put that aside, and worked together successfully for 8 years.

I don’t have the same faith Langer, Lehmann or Arthur would’ve been able to do that. I don’t have faith Langer would even want to.

And if you haven’t realised this about ex cricketers by now: whoever you are, someone will have a ■■■■■ about you.


And that’s exactly why you’d never know. He was a figurehead in position description and that was it. There was no way you could ■■■■ that job up unless you where actively trying to.
I agree he was probably the right personality. Bobby Simpson or heaven forbid the homework saffer would have been a disaster.


I think going to a non-cricket coach would be a very good idea.
I think the same thing would be good for Australian Tennis.

Two toxic cultures full of old favours and boys club attitudes needing someone who doesn’t care about any of that and has excellent people management skills.

Edit: Not from a human resources environment! God save us from another 2012 Olympics debacle.


Hold up - I’ve mentioned three that would fit that description. And one was that balls deep in Buchanan’s team he wouldve made sure his influence was minimal, based on that fact he was a insecure jock control freak and him a nerdy socks up type like you’ve described. Waugh would have had more say.

THey could all of been tossers or not but from the outer he was that far removed and could have let pat Howard run his algorithms and dr Phil sort out feel good stuff. He complemented the egos by staying mute if anything. And I don’t think even if he was good as how you think he was he would have changed much.

I wouldn’t know how langer would have gone. Anyone you put in charge would have got minimal say. they would have drank with him and that’s about it. One of the only dickheads I mentioned would have made sure of it.

But again if he came back and salvaged the wreck were watching now you could make a call to that effect.

The only weakness langer has is there’s no one about but three blokes that have been banned. And if it gets overturned when these reports come down maybe he’ll have half the success Buchanan was gifted.


Pat Howard didn’t work too well from all accounts.


He wouldn’t be my first choice.
When Bellamy retires…


The mythologists would have you believe that Langer has overcome more obstacles than N Mandela on his journey from a shy and reserved junior all the way through to now being the Australian coach but those who know the story will tell you that seldom has a WA cricketer had a bigger leg up due to family connections than him. His silver spoon was dipped in silver, then dipped in silver again. This triumph over adversary bullshit is complete bullshit. And he does nothing to temper it, rather, he revels in it. There is another matter that I am aware of which casts further doubt on his character but isn’t for public discussion but which further erodes the image of ‘messiah’.

Whoever thinks this bloke can lead cultural change at Cricket Oz when he was central to the establishment of the current code is out of their farking minds.

The sooner you make him an honourary Victorian, the better off we will be over here.


How does that make him a good or bad coach

And I’m Tasmanian do I wouldn’t care where you want to send him.


Replace “Langer” with “Franklin” and you’d be threatening legal action for this post…


It means that who would farking know? WA won a couple of 20/20 comps under his watch but how much influence the coach has in this format is debatable. How much influence a coach has in cricket generally is debatable. I don’t pay enough attention to domestic cricket to know how the WA players behave on the field and I can’t say that I’ve heard of them doing anything untoward but that might just mean those on the receiving end aren’t moaning about it. J Langer was a senior member of the Australian side(s) that turned abuse of opponents into a tactic and was central to this ‘win at all costs’ mentality that ultimately resulted in 3x players being suspended for cheating. I don’t know how his role in helping to create the environment that Australian men’s cricket finds itself in can be somehow turned into a positive and he be seen as the antidote to the cultural malaise.



You are really grumpy on Monday

And by the way, there are no honorary Victorians.


Of course. Why would it be an honour to be a Victorian?


Cause we’re friggin’ awesome?


What’s awesome is that we put an entire other state between Victoria and here to discourage you from coming over. Works reasonable well.


You’re not really a state, though, are you.
You’re kind of Greater Perth.


Perth is pretty great.


Eastern South Africa, more like.