We Are a Club That Like to Develop Our Own

I have no inside knowledge of the club but the title of the thread is something I’ve heard Dodoro say on numerous occasions.

Is this a smokescreen for the fact we have landed very few trade targets, and apart from BJ, have not been able to land a big fish in God knows how long.

Well here is a tip Essendon we have been trying to develop our own for the past 15 years, it seems pretty obvious we are no ■■■■■■■ good at it.

Please for God sake try something ■■■■■■■ new.


At the end of the 2008 season we had precisely 0 players on our list from other clubs. Since then, the following players who had previously been drafted by other clubs have donned the sash:

Brent Prismall
Hayden Skipworth
Mark Williams
Brendan Goddard
Shaun Edwards
Kurt Aylett
Paul Chapman
James Gwilt
Jonathan Giles
Adam Cooney
Shaun McKernan
Mitch Brown
Clinton Jones
James Polkinghorne
Jordan Schroder
James Magner
Sam Michael
Mitchell Clisby
Jared Petrenko
Craig Bird
Michael Hartley
James Kelly
Matt Dea
Ryan Crowley
Jonathan Simpkin
Mathew Stokes
Mark Jamar
Sam Grimley
Nathan Grima
James Stewart
Josh Green

To be honest, I’m kinda sick of players from other clubs.


Maybe we are just picking the wrong ones. The Tigers, Cats, Blues and Hawks have done or are doing ok.

Listing Top ups like Clinton Farking Jones is dishonest to the conversation.


The issue that we have is, we rarely target a player who will fit a role which we lack, who is between 10-20 best player on their current club’s list.

We either target elite players who’s manager’s are just looking to bump up the value, or players who aren’t getting games. Nothing in between.

The issue is that the 10-20 best players are valued highly at each club, especially if they are aged between 19-25. So your gonna need to hand over a first round or second round pick to get any trade done.

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The point I’m making is that I’m kind of over the novelty of seeing other club’s players join us given the sheer number of rejects we’ve brought through the club in recent years.

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That’s pretty much it. The highest pick that we’ve given up in there is 39 for Prismall (we technically had 16 in the Lovett/Williams and ended up with 24, and we dropped back one spot from 23 to 24 in the Carlisle trade).

Either we’re bad at it or we’re not interested in it, and I’m not sure which would be more concerning.

Honestly, as good as Dodoro has been over the years, maybe we just need a fresh start.

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Best captain we’ve ever had tbh.

C LI N T Jones.


We are a club who like to holiday in September.

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F LI C K E N Cheeky that …

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Huh? Sorry, but a good chunk of that list is rubbish.

Grimley, Michael, Crowley, Stokes, Jamar, Simpkin, Grima, Polkinghorne, were all top-ups for the 2016 season.
Another bunch were top ups for the 2015 preaseason.

To include all those guys is ridiculous, and disingenuous.


Do people genuinely believe that over the last 4 seasons any high quality player would want to go near us? It is mind-boggling that people seem to just pretend the Saga never happened and had no impact on list management - and this amnesia seems to be inflicting multiple threads at the moment (ie. why don’t we have a midfield!!?!)

No issue with periods before then - agree we fell behind in trading. But it’s a bit ‘old man shouts at cloud’ to bemoan recent ‘inactivity’ at the trade table.

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Although I agree on this with high profile recruits, I think youngsters looking for opportunity wouldn’t have had a problem. We did bring in Edwards & Aylett, and got Green and Stewart last year. Leuy chose us. So for players who wanted opportunity, we could have poached them, even with the saga.

I have a sneaking suspicion that the thread-starter was not bemoaning the fact that we haven’t been able to snag the Edwards and Prismalls of the world. This is a veiled foot-stamp about not landing high profile players.

We got Goddard… then we got SAGA… next year things will be different

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Mal Michael, Lovett-Murray, Damien Peverill, Adam McPhee? Precisely?

I missed McPhee and NLM. Other 2 were retired at the end of the season.

Done with the Saga AND done with Goddard?!?!

I thought he was going ok for the most part.