Wednesday Watchalong (8PM Tonight)

Ok you lot to help forget that unpleasantness we are randomly firing up the time machine for a match against next Sunday’s opposition

3 classics from peak Essendon vs North era to choose from. Voting closes Wednesday 5pm.

  • Round 17 99
  • QF 2000
  • Round 16 01

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And off to Round 17 1999 we go

So some reminders/rules for those joining the watchalong tonight.

  • I’ll post a youtube link to the game after the vote has closed
  • No Spoilers (If you REALLY must talk about the game use spoiler tags)
  • Start your video at 8pm on the dot
  • No spoilers, Post as if its a live match thread (its all part of the fun)
  • Pause as soon as the siren goes at the end of each quarter
  • We’ll have a 10 min break at the end of each quarter
  • Ill place a time stamp on when to resume your video along with a restart time
  • Have some fun

I voted for 99. Purely because its a ripper game buried in the QF and Comeback game.



Whatcha gonna do when Lloyd and Carey run wild on you?

call the cops


Bit sad that we are resorting to watching us beat up on an irrelevant club to make us feel better about being ■■■■.

Oh, Alex. Never change.


Ask Carey’s Mrs

Still heaps of time to vote if youd like to join us tomorrow night

What about tomorrow’s tomorrow night?


Is 99 the one where it was like 170 v 150?

Maybe… the game isn’t being broadcast till Wednesday, so how would we know?

Yeah that

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Not quite as high scoring as the 2001 comeback game.

If you’re going to doscuss the options in detail please use spoiler tags

Went for the 99 game purely because I’ve watched the other two about 724 times each.

I do love me a watch along. Nice to not have to try and stealthily watch at work this time around.


I’ll do some random ones throughout the finals/offseason as well. Got a few options stashed away.


Weird that there are still no votes at all for 2001. I assume that’s just because we’ve all seen that one a million times. It’s still a great watch, though.

I debated even putting in the vote for that reason.

Was tempted to put the 93 loss in there. Ripper game

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Kidz these days don’t remember 93 or 99…

93-01 was one hell of a rivalry, for a reason.

Actually felt like North was a relevant rival in the period. I always thought our record against them was awful but its not all THAT bad considering they were at their peak. Shame I couldn’t the 94 win on there.