Weight loss

Long hours at work and then COVID have seen my weight go from mid 70’s 4 years ago to 86kg. And during lockdowns was riding 50km a week!

Wife hates my gut.

Started lite and easy a few days ago and have lost 0.5kg to 1kg.

At peak fitness around time we got married 15yrs ago was whippet thin at 67kg.


i’ve had a hip injury last 6 weeks and barely ran, got MRI results this week and have a stress fracture in femur, plus labral tear. so likely months off running to come, hope don’t put on too much weight already added a few kgs.

I think it’s incredible how sensitive one’s body feels to sugar after cutting it out. I’ve put on a fair few kgs over the past couple of years and it’s largely because of eating absolute crap with a lot of sugar involved. I’ve cut out those sorts of foods and the moment I consume refined sugar of any sort I just feel horrible and it all taste so sweet and icky. My energy levels remain so much more consistent without sugar featuring in my diet. Genuinely can’t stand it anymore, it’s not enjoyable.


I’ve been crook with a virus the last 2 weeks, and got abit slack with eating.

I got abit frustrated that I had put some weight back on. Thankfully not too bad.

But my partner can’t believe I’ve lost so much weight in a short period of time, and never restricted my food intake or went hungry.


Other cardio options available?

Get a new one

Life aint easy with a perimenopause affected partner but I’m not one to give up on her that easily and leave the house my kids live in. Life would be harder still if we split up (on both of us - barring re-marrying a multimillionaire)


Get a new gut

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Do you drink? Cut alcohol out too. My inlaws have had great success with lite n easy.

I think the primary reason is do it for yourself. You’re at risk of serious illness and disease if you’re overweight.

Good luck!

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have been doing a little cycling on the trainer 30 mins a few times a week and swimming once a week. still aiming for 10,000 steps a day though.

not quite the same as what i was used to.


When I’ve had stress-related injuries I’ve used the elliptical trainer. It still uses arms and legs and it’s very good for aerobic fitness, but it’s zero impact. It may not work for you but it certainly works for me. I actually enjoy it. I just hit Shuffle on my Running playlist and set off. After 20 minutes or so, even at very moderate intensity, your heart rate will right in the zone, and after 45 minutes or an hour it will be right up at the top. And you’ll need a shower and change of clothes.

Weekly weigh in
Was 79.8kg now 78.8kg

Work had a grazing box for the team to share.

Made better choices with what I snacked on

  • Fresh fruit in box
  • 2 bits of cheese
  • small handful of shaved spicy salami and ham
    1 choc biscuit.

Omitted lunch so didn’t go over calories.


Week 2 of lite and easy and I’m down 2.5kg overall. Walkings so much easier and appetite now under control. No urges to binge or pig out on food now am 1.5 weeks into this. Last week felt like losing another 10 - 15kg was impossible. Now feel its going to take some time but is achieveable.


Keep up the good work!

600g weight loss.

Even with a cupcake and cheat meal early this week (a late night work wise and hadn’t eaten all day).

The coach at my Jenny Craig is thinking of putting my name forward next time they look for people to be their success stories as I had lost over 30kg and I am her best Saturday weigh in customer who has stuck to the program this long.

I said, “She’ll be right. No one needs to see this ugly mug.”

They get $5k Apparently


Reckon you deserves more than $5K for 30 kg ! Massive effort, how much more do you aim to shed ?

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Start weight was 109.8kg now into 78.8ish. When I did my weigh in, she said I lost another 600g.

Goal weight is to be 72-75kg. BMI says I need to be under 72 for my height, but she said that’s unrealistic and hates the BMI measurements.

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after your first post i was going to suggest you use the same logic on your wife if and or when she gains weight.
now with added info in this post i would not suggest to do that :rofl:

This is a bit oblique, but kind of relevant to my last post, its hard to fathom how couples councelling can fix a long term relationship breakdown where there are really serious long term differences but no acute issue i.e. cheating.