Weird Dreams

I had one last night where I was going out with Naomi Osaka and we were living at my parents but I was yet to tell her I hadn’t really won any grand slams (she assumed I had).

Then I had one we’re I moved into a hollow log.



Would read again.


I expect a deluge

This is how I manage loss

I always think my dream stories are interesting and my wife just looks at me like I’m an alien.

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Then I woke up one day and footy team had balls and a crack when things were on the line and I woke up again

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I either have dreams where i am being chased by something that scares me.

Or doing something that i really enjoy (normally my bed is wet by the end)

I would hold off telling her until you’ve at least moved out of your parents’ place.

Otherwise she might think you’re a loser.


chased by woosha?


The worst dreams are when you win lotto and you’re having a great time deciding between the harbour penthouse or the place in Paris and you see a dragon fly through the air and think, ‘oh, that’s nice…wait…■■■■.’


For me the worst dreams are the ones where I know I’m dreaming so try to make myself wake up, but I wake up into another dream, the cycle repeats until i eventually do wake the fark up. Farking maddening experience, by the end i can feel my real body but I’m paralysed and awake, but not awake. Messed up.


Spin your totem

Love it when you have to get up and do something, and you hit snooze and dream that you got up and did something and then a couple of hours later you wake up.
That’s awesome.


Eat strong cheese before bed. Screws with your dreams :rofl:.

My favourite recurring dream which I haven’t had in years was an ability to fly. The flying was sort of like being able to tread water except water was air and one jump would send me as high as the clouds.

I loved it when I had those dreams. Had them into my 20s


I once had a dream that I was eating a giant marshmallow and when I woke up in the morning, I couldn’t find my pillow.

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I had coffee last night in a dream with @bigallan His head was a big green B. He bored me with horse talk.

Avoid late night blitzing.


I get night terrors every now and then when your paralysed with fear and can’t move youre body to escape.

I had one involving footy classified and SWWNBN inching closer, closer…

I frequently have flying dreams. Flight is achieved through mental exertion only, no physical movement.

I always wake up exhausted.

Mile high?

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