Welcome back to Essendon - Paddy Ryder

Currently playing forward for Devon Meadows.
No idea how you’d stop him at this level

Has he ever expressed regret over the nature of his departure from Essendon? Anyone heard anything?

Send updates.

My nephews playing for his opposition so I’m a little torn.

Ryder set their only goal up so far, but they’re not doing him any favours with their f50 entries

Dayne Beams and Ryan Bastinac playing for Pearcedale, Ryder and Dean Kent for Devon

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Ryder marks 20-25 out but rushed the kick and missed.

Kent hits up Ryder in the pocket and he slots it

Wonder if paddy will have any useful intel for today’s game.

Scott mentioned he was using Paddy for some intel in his presser.


When we lose and Marshall kicks 3 goals and dominates the ruck…
We come back to this thread and demand he gets sacked…

Devon Meadows won easily l kept Pearcedale goalless until 3/4 time. Ryder only going to get better as the season goes on. Didn’t go into a centre bounce today.

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thanks for the tips paddy

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Anyone have any news how Paddy is progressing in his Indig welfare role at the club ? Has he been attending training or games lately ?
Not having a crack but would really like to know what he’s doing.

He’s probably more likely to be spending time with the younger/less established guys ie playing VFL

so nice of paddy to take walla under his wing

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The team has played much better since Paddy came back.

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No doubt he’s improved the Draper/Flip combo.


Um, you do know Mark Jamar is our ruck coach? Paddy’s role is indigenous welfare as Nom mentioned above…

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sounds like you’re having a little crack

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Haha, gold