Welcome back to Essendon - Paddy Ryder

I think nifty was just stating the obvious that Flip is indigenous.


I think under Brad Scotts ethos - get everyone involved, Ie travis cloke (VFLW Coach) doing sessions with VOSSY early in preseason etc, then Ryder is another person to give some advice to Draper/ Phillips and extend a little more than the indigenous role…

He has been at AFL and VFL games, as noted in commentary.

Is Ryder still with us? We are advertising for the role he was hired for…

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maybe this is to replace Narkle? I think he had a similar role


Was discussed here as well:

Narkle’s signing will feature the 25-year-old spending time in the admin department, supporting Essendon’s new Indigenous Player Development Manager.

Don’t think so, Narkle was in a part time one day a week role. This looks Full-Time Manager role that Ryder was in

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Who says we can’t have multiple Indigenous player mangers?

Could be a Rioli change

Maybe Ryder was rubbish at it


You could be right. Although i note another article (albeit not an EFC article but a newspaper article) said this:

Maybe Paddy was a part timer and the revamped Indigenous program requires someone full time with appropriate qualifications…

Can someone tell us what actually happened here?

He was welcomed back (at least by the club and through it’s media channels, if not the supporers) to quite a bit of fanfare and what, a few months later he is just gone?

IF he is out maybe he wasn’t any good at the role

Turfed at end of 3mth probationary period / left himself

No different to any other employee scenario

Has he gone?

Lasted longer than Thorburn, so I guess our recruitment decision making is improving.

note: I have no idea if he is still at EFC or not.


Still did more than Luke Ball

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Yeah and that speculation could well be the case. I just wondered if someone here actually knew for sure what happened.

Any recent pics of him on the EFC site?

If he is gone, can’t say I am sorry after what he did post saga


Yeah I’m pretty surprised that it’s been swept under the rug - you’d think a journo would’ve at least reported something, given it was a semi-big deal with him coming back to the club.


laters Ryder

Don’t come back