Welcome to Essendon - John Worsfold


All I remember is Woosha was unanimously agreed as a great nickname that we should use at every opportunity.

Really missing the loike button today.

If I was coach I would say it is my intention to win more games, kick more goals, be stronger in defence and win flags.

Seems like I know more about next year’s game plan than this year’s already.

It's like déjà vu all over again.
Twice more.

Yeah, speaks very well does Worsfold. Re: the interview I think Rowe was being a little mischievous saying Adelaide went to St Kilda with the offer of picks 9 and 28 for 5. I think it’s the Adelaide media who are pushing the Francis bandwagon. 9 and 28 for 5 is just plain stupid considering there’s no guarantee Francis will be available at 5!

So refreshing to hear someone say he wants fast midfielders and small forwards capable to kicking goals. A simple but clear message. That’s the sort of bloke he is. Uncomplicated, clear and speaks with authority.

Woosha has stated many times that we will be focussing on kicking more goals. Seems as though this is going to be a big difference from previous coaches plans. I think this is a good thing.

Even though Hooker did exceedingly well up forward I like that Woosha wants him moving back. Our defence is going to be very settled next year.

Midfield should drastically improve with our key contested ball players back and an improved ruck division.

Adding more pace to midfield certainly a priority, we can’t just rely on Colyer although Fantasia certainly may come on further in 2015. Bennell is exactly the player we need, just take the risk and back in Woosha and senior leaders to get him on track.

The fwd line is the last piece of the puzzle that we just have to get right. Having a dominant midfield certainly helps our cause there.

JD as permanent fwd with Smack as fwd/ruck certainly gives us two solid players to work around. Laverde with another year in gym I think can take the 3rd tall fwd option over Ambrose and push hard into midfield and back.

Just the 3 smalls around them that is the unknown at present. Pace, tackling pressure and goal nouse a must. Cooney will take one spot purely as we need experience down there, Irish could well be another if he keeps progressing.

Need to find a Betts/Walters somewhere, Dempsey might still be the man in the short term if he stays.

You just know Woosha will have the team fully committed to the task and turn it around for us quickly. Especially with that big black cloud farked right off.

Why is everyone trying to read so much into what is basically just a relatively impromptu puff piece? Of course it looks dodgy and unprofessional … I’ve sat through SOOOO many work training videos that had all of the production excellence of truly high grade 80s ■■■■, why do you think the footy club would make anything better?

When it got to the player questions stage, why didn't any of the senior group ask questions instead of Xavier stepping in??

Looked like they where all in holiday mode. He didn’t really say much that needed to be questioned though.

Campbell was terrible, looked to to hard to sell him as a coach (for the camera I suspect) made the room feel pretty uncomfortable.

saw this on big footy


I took a rare visit to BF looking for an explanation of the broken table incident, & discovered that contrary to normal, the pages of the Worsfold thread post the announcement really good value.

Lots of WC supporters pleased for us (& conflicted within themselves for being so), some other really sentient comments & discussion (go figure) plus a high standard caption competition which elicited some hearty lol’s.


saw this on big footy

In his interview on BomberTV when they ask about if he was drawn in by the history and size of Essendon and he started saying “Not really” before deciding to do a bit of pandering. I love the idea of the coach not being impressed by history.


Welcome Mr Worsfold, you have a fair task ahead of you.

ok i have to ask why is he called Woosha?

Be prepared for silence. For not only is there no answer to this question, there is no possible answer.

Dammit. Accidentally did some work for a couple of hours. Now I’ll never know…

It’s like déjà vu all over again.