Welcome to Essendon, picks #6, #7 and #8 (8-11 ish), Caldwell, 2MP and Hind

The ideal outcome for mine, great result for the club and sets us up for the mini rebuild that we need

Well done to all involved, didn’t ■■■■ the bed and overpay for Dunkley, brought in talent in the right age brackets, take a brilliant hand into the draft.

Over to you, recruiters!


Where are you getting picks 10, 11 and 12 from?

Sorry… 9, 10 and 11 after academy bids

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Happy with that

it’s interesting the mentality of people around here.

most will run with the development of players is poor, the clubs ■■■■■■ etc etc but then they want to go to a draft not having given up 2 picks to get a guy who could potentially help fix that, and what exactly are you expecting will happen with these 3 kids exactly, considering the poor development and leadership the club has ?

when you consider
francis pick 5 - 5 years into the system and still isn’t a lock for a defensive spot
parish pick 4 - 5 years in the system and they have him stuck on the hff up until so many injuries force their hand in a compromised year.
it’s taken langford 6 seasons for them to get him to a decent level finally

people wanna sack the coach before he’s officially taken over, with 3 picks in the top 10 and the way the list is, they are gonna finish down the bottom of the ladder next year no doubt, which will no doubt put even more strain on the coach and keeping him.

and what exactly are people expecting to happen ? these 3 guys are magically just going to buck the trend of the last 20 odd years of poor development, because ??? because why exactly ?

a lot of people putting a hell of alot of faith in 3 kids who most likely haven’t played alot of footy this year coming in and helping turn this ■■■■ show of a club around.
I just hope those who wanted to not offload 2 picks for dunkley remember their stance in the next few years, when nothing changes on and off the field at this club, cos of no actual person being able to lead this rabble.


100% on the mark. We’ll probably get one genuinely good player from those picks. Two, probably not. Three, almost certainly not.

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Here here

3 bids before 6?

And if we end up with three guns from those picks, and Dunkley stagnates, you’ll remember your stance in a few years and admit you were wrong?


No chance of three guns. Apparently there are a clear 5 that are guns. We don’t get any of them. Should of got Dunkley


Should have

And no we should not have


Just call them picks #6, #7 and #8 please lol


Thread title needs to change to include Nick Hind !

Getting Dunkley because our club can’t develop players is just a short-term fix anyway. I’d actually rather we shine yet another torch on our terrible development so that it is more likely to be addressed. We can’t go anywhere as a club with poor player development, so I’m not fussed if we miss out on Dunkley who may have gotten us back into the 8 only for the rest of the list to peter out into nothing. We have to be able to build our own.

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This is frankly crap

Our strike rate for early picks is at least the median in terms of league performance since Dodoro took full control in 2008

2008 Hurley 193 games, 2xAA selection
2009 Melksham 185 games
2010 Heppell 172 games, 1xAA selection, B&F, Rising Star
2011 no round one pick (Kavanagh first pick at #19)
2012 Daniher 108 games, 1xAA selection
2013 no first round pick, Ashby first pick at #34
2014 no first round pick, Merrett first pick at #26. 142 games, 1xAA, 2xB&F
2015 Langford, 81 games
2016 Parish 93 games, Francis 35 games
2017 McGrath 78 games, Rising Star; Ridley 26 games, AA squad
2018 no first round pick, first pick Mosquito
2019 no first round pick

Find me a club that has a more consistent hit rate with their first round picks over the last 12 years

It’s not the talent that is the issue. We get great talent to the club. It’s the ■■■■■■■ culture.



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He’s right that our development system is bad. It is. We get talented players and the best they become is good ordinary footballers, rather than stars. They come in, show natural talent, and then stagnate.

But he’s wrong that this means we shouldn’t go through the draft anymore. If our development is poor then don’t stop drafting people, fix the development.

And you are also correct about culture. Intertwined with development.


Culture and the ■■■■■■■ injury curse. There’s been a lot of years lost

Daniher ~3 years
Fantasia ~3 years
Heppell ~2 years
Stewart ~2 years
Gleeson ~2 years
Laverde ~2 years
Smith ~1 year
Ambrose ~1 year


100% don’t trust Dudoro to get 3 guns out of our 3 top 10 picks. Best case scenario is to the trade 6/7 to North for pick 2 and get McDonald. And try and find a big bodied inside mid with 8.

There is no objective data to support that statement
a) you can’t possibly expect 3 guns from draft picks that have a rough 40% strike rate
b) Our draft performance under Dodoro (actually under our recruitment managers) has been very good as per my post above