What amuses you


Japlish/Engrish/failure to comprehend the meaning of words/phrases.

When I first arrived in Japan, I noticed that Japanese people loved wearing clothes with English words/phrases on them. I was walking along the street one summer’s day, when I spotted an elderly lady (at least 80-years-old) wearing a T-shirt with the words ‘P*rn Instructor Certified’ across the front.

A few others that you can easily find online:

‘You can enjoy the fresh air after finishing a civilized urinating’.

‘Today, the dining room closed at 6 p.m. Sorry for your incontinence’.

‘Tokyo Towershita’.

‘Dustbox. To be kind to the environment of the earth’.

‘Please do not flash anything but toilet paper’.

‘Building asks a smoked visitor in the outside smoking section that you cannot smoke in’.

Hair wax branded ‘c*ck grease’.


Come on. That one is deliberate.




Oh, I’ve got a photo album full of Chingrish signs from a trip to China a few years back. Some of them were absolutely side-splitting…


I thought so at first, DJR, but knowing Japanese, I have my doubts. There is also a white, sugary drink called ‘calpis’ (which sounds like cow’s p*ss) & a sports drink called ‘Pocari sweat’. Heaps of stuff like this in Japan.



Great for the skin, apparently.


Case in point. I reckon that Thai (?) company had no idea of the implication of those words.


Yep Thai.
Billboards up everywhere.


Absolutely not. You see how she’s holding it? They knew full well what they were doing. 100%


Assuming you are taking the p*ss, but disagree. I honestly reckon they had no idea. Hard for us to believe, but this stuff is common in non-English speaking countries (many of which are socially conservative & wouldn’t get away with such public crudeness - if they actually knew the implication).


Not taking the pi55. She’s holding it to her mouth like a ■■■■. Get what youre saying but it’s deliberate


Nah man, I drive at the the limit - or according to conditions.(I did say ‘sped’, indicating over the limit. )

The slow driving thing is a whole separate conversation, to which I will willingly contribute - but probably belongs in the “what annoys you”, thread.

Sometimes, just sometimes Wim, I have the idea that you like to take exception. :grimacing:

At other times, I guess you’ve been stuck in traffic. :grinning:





The first 2 sites are signs from all over Asia of problematic English.

The third site is one of probably 50 + mistaken song lyrics.
I have used this in English classes. The first two l have the students look up signs and then rework them to correct them.

The third site l have also used for listening purposes. Good fun to be had on all 3 sites.



Thanks kindly, CJ. I’m gunna have some fun with those sites. Cheers.


Long story but some podcasters I listen to were taking the ■■■■ out of them, the company contacted them, and didn’t get any of the stuff they were saying. At all. A lot of Thais are pretty westernised and have super good english - these folks not so much.

Not sure there’s anything particularly ■■■■ like about how she’s holding it. Every coke/beer ad looks like that.


Just watched When TV Was Awesome on the ABC.
I don’t think I’ve had as many genuine laughs from a half hour tv show in a long time.

It’s voice overdubs of old ABC shows, like Hercules (as in it’s like the movie that overdubs the dialogue, not…old tv shows like Hercules).


This amused me when I saw it in Japan a while back. Still does…


Your first one reminds me of sitting on a train in Thailand in 1975 opposite a very sweet and obviously innocent Thai girl of about 14 proudly wearing a T shirt with “■■■■ COMMUNISM” written across her chest.


For similar reasons I was amused by this on my first trip to Japan (before later discovering it’s actually pronounced Tack-esh-ta…)


It’s like westeners that have Japanese or Chinese writing tattoos that they think say “Family” or “Honour”, but really they say “Honey Chicken”, “Idiot”, or “Purple Monkey Dishwasher”.