What amuses you



That stuff is common here & to reiterate my earlier point, it’s never deliberate. Pronounced differently in Japanese, but they are unaware how it sounds in English. BTW, I bumped into Steven Seagal in ‘Takeshita Dori’ around 15 years ago. Massive unit.


I’m amused when people stumble or trip over. Like that time John Howard fell down the stairs whilst exiting a stage.


The Latham handshake incident was pretty funny as well.


Was he looking for the men who harmed his wife and child, possibly due to him having placed them inadvertently at risk through his past good deeds, with the intention of exacting revenge and redeeming himself, all within a 90 minute period?


We didn’t sit down for a coffee or meal, Dingus. In fact, I can’t even recall if I said a word to him. He did have two bodyguards with him - which I found amusing - given that he is a 7th dan black belt in aikido. He was grotesquely overweight as well. That’s all I remember.


Very funny show. Stumbled across it last week and had plenty of laughs so made sure I caught it last night.

How dodgy is Man Boat!


Quite dodgy indeed.
I loved seeing Harry Butler again, too.

I’m going to have to find/series link all of them.


Oh, no doubt that’s not deliberate.

Still funny to juvenile minds such as myself though.


First, they have those damned characters so we can’t read it. Then, they drop syllables (e.g. Takeshita spoken as “tack-esh-ta”, Asakusa spoken as “A-sucks-uh”) so we can’t even pronounce it from the western-alphabetised rendering of it.

However are we poor Westerners supposed to cope in Japan???


Harry Butler was ‘friends’ with a mate’s mum growing up.

Very good friends I’m led to believe.

That is something I now find amusing as an adult.


More lo-fi, but there’s a series of shorts on YT called VHS Revue which is not too bad.


That’s hilarious

(Who the heck is Harry Butler?)


You take that back!! I won’t have my childhood memories of Harry sullied in this manner…

He was the very embodiment of all things gentle, calm and sedate. I fail to believe he would have indulged in such activities… Any more than Dr Harry Cooper would have tried t… oh, I’ve said too much…


Same. Wish I’d taken pics of all of the ones I have encountered over the journey. Would have made for a good coffee table book.


Yeah, reading it is the hardest part for me. I nailed the pronunciation years ago (remember that nearly all syllables end in a vowel sound - but those sounds are different than in English). Pillow talk (early doors) helped a lot. :wink:


I came back to Melbourne for a visit with my Japanese wife and my brother had some tee with kanji on it. He asked her to read it and she burst out laughing. Turns out it said “athlete’s foot”.


Have you ever been to JB Hifi or somewhere similar to buy a phone or any type of tech and a knowledge dispute erupts between the staff? Happened to us the other day. Were talking to the 20 something lady shopkeep (who was servicing our requirements sufficiently or so we thought) until this geek stuck his head around the corner and started contradicting what she was saying. It started off politely “yeah, that one is good but is outside their budget” escalated to “that’s true, but if you were here from the beginning you would know what the customer is asking for” to finally “I can handle it, ok?”.

That was amusing.




He was the Steve Irwin of 70’s Australian nature documentaries but without all the theatrics.

Lol. Everytime said mate would get out of order, we’d remind him that H Butler has fingered his mum.


I just assumed that his entire life was exactly the same as the plot from every single Steven Seagal movie…