What amuses you


Also, did his face ever change expression, or his lips move when he spoke?


This error message I just received in my ■■■■■ ■■■■-demon of a workplace:



Manchester United


Big bombers man is Karl. I used to like him until he became exactly what he used to deride.


When the Dow gets crushed and a gaggle of permabulls have failed to properly allocate an appropriate allocation of cash to buy the dips.


You speaka mah language brother.


Back to the racist, I mean Asian Pigeon-English theme.

Hong Kong about 15 years ago, several signs on the roads up the steep hills in the middle of the island:

“WARNING - Failed Slope Ahead”.

Better a failed slope than a failed democratic autonomous region IMO.


I recently went to a fun park in Japan which, for some curious reason, had a handful of animal enclosures in it. One of said enclosures was signposted “Lesser Panda”.

Presumably they don’t rate red pandas particularly highly in Japan…


They’re the only pandas. Panda bears are bears not pandas.


Lol, idiots.

We had someone yesterday steal something from the store. Rang the bank, told them we believe the card may be fraudulent so they said they’ll put a block on it.

Have fun shopping thieves


I think this is hilarious, Mr BG doesn’t think so. Who’s right?


What’s his problem with it?



I have a plane travel rant the likes of which will shut down the blitz servers that I have been simmering on for years.

This is one of about 200 topics I’ll be discussing.


These ‘bargains.’


Buy the church!


No one in their right mind would move from Melbourne to Woomelang.




Personally I would have used a question mark rather than a full stop.
But each to their own.


Not gonna lie, as stupid as it is…kinda tempted…