What amuses you


What I found most amusing from that was a building society offering 13.5% for a 14 day call account in 1985.

Bloomin’ ‘eck!


Had the swagger & ankle length black leather trench coat, so looked similar to his onscreen persona - except that he was massively overweight. Would have been pushing 140 kegs when I saw him.


I’m more saddened than amused at that interest rate.


lol - I like that a lot



Did he have to humiliate the human like that?


And getting his wife a job as a nurse to say he had a massive nob because everyone else couldn’t stop giggling


I find the look of disappointment on the face of other passengers when they’re at the back of the line when boarding a plane, finally get to their seat only to discover that their allotted overhead luggage compartment has been maxed out by other jerks with too much gear for their own compartment. And then no one will dare make eye contact for fear of being outed as a space hog.

That’s pretty amusing.


It seem to me there’s not enough overhead space on some flights without overloading.
They have room for four small cases for every six seats, and the crew take some of that.


They get a lot of data on this and they get pretty good at working out the numbers on this sort of thing. Keep in mind some percentage have checked luggage, some will just be day trippers with just a handbag or laptop bag.

On Melb-Syd flights Monday and fridays (ie fkg packed) there normally seems to be a handful - maybe half a dozen tops - who have to go check their luggage. Never really noticed it happen at other times/routes.

Keep in mind every bit of space for luggage is space they’re taking out of headroom.


And if you really want to laugh, Daryl somers is uploading “the Daryl Somers show” bit-by-bit.

Most of them get a few hundred views.

Show’s no good but the fact he’s doing it gives me a good laugh.




Was not sure where to post this, but I am amused.

Sitting in Mail Exchange Hotel in CBD waiting for my Son. Youngish bloke tries to pick me up!!

Should I be flattered or just amused?

I politely refused his offer, by the way.


Not quite as saucy as the the post above but still somewhat amusing.

Just been notified by the bank of some fraudulent transactions on our credit card. Now, losing access to a credit card at this time of year is frustrating don’t get me wrong however, that the crooks spent over $1000 in one go at a Dominos somewhere in NSW does make me laugh a little.

That’s a lot of pizza.


We won’t judge you.




K Stefanovic finally getting boned.

Couldn’t care less about his soap opera life, but him getting boned over it amuses me greatly.




Both Stefanovic’s getting boned on the one day - even better! Karl’s brother has a fondness for getting about in a tweed-cap as stomach-churning as Dill The Gill’s. That alone is good reason for him being boned…


Once had a bloke proposition me when I was showering buck naked in the change rooms at the local swimming pool.

I politely declined. I think he was much more unsettled than I was.

Was more flattered than anything else.