What amuses you


It is. I believe Max Crowe was from Woomelang.

Edit: I was wrong, he comes from down the road in Underbool.


We certainly had players from Woomelang-Lascelles. Wayne Primmer?


Yep, spot on Noons.


Another of the little or skinny #15’s we’ve Had the last 60 years. Lav is breaking that tradition.


Nothing beats dropping a fart so bad the dog gives you a greasy.


Is that south of warnambool? Or closer to Warracknabool?


Would it help if I said Woomelang is between Sea Lake and Hoptoun?
Quite close to Lascelles and Watchupga.


I’ve long suspected all town names in the wimmera are pisstake fake names, and frankly this doesn’t help.


I’d have thought Woomelang was Mallee, not Wimmera.


I’ve only just discovered it’s, 'Tell ‘em all I said hi.’ and not, ‘Tell your mum I said hi.’
I must confess, I like the song a little less now.
My (and it seems others) misheard version sounds like an epic burn to me.


It is.

And sadly there is no direct route from Tittybong.


There was a young lady from Poowong
who thought that town’s name was too wrong.
She finally had enough
so she left in a huff
and now tells people to see her at Tittybong.


I am amused by grammar freaks who always correct people when there grammar isn’t so great either.


I don’t think it is nice that you speak about other people’s gramma’s like that.




‘Their grammar’ not ‘there grammar’


At least someone got it


Now make one up for rooty hill nsw…


You can’t belive everything you read on the internet.