What amuses you


Ahh the Van unen replacement


You are so right. The other gb men coming in to help at the end made it even better.


I’ve watched that guy trying to hit the golf ball on the lake about 10 times. Still laughing.


So it was nothing to do with angles, elevation, or sponginess of the grass. He really is shorter than he looks.

And, yes. I used an Oxford comma.

And started a sentence with “and”.


Deal with it.


I’m sure I will learn to, in time.


Sorry. A greasy?


Tittybong? Ok. That’s enough.


The stink-eye. An evil look.

I think!


It’s a real place mate.


Does it live up to its name


Sadly not


I’d packed and all




English pronounced like you have never heard it before. This cracks me up every time. One of a series. Skip the first minute. Great for ESL teachers to work with.




Your right there. Sooo annoying.


I should be annoyed but I am amused.

I received a court summons in todays mail for doing 67 kph in a 60 kph zone in Cairns in August 2017. I was in Cairns at that time and I did hire a Hertz car, and while there were four of us driving this car during our stay, it was probably me, so I would have copped the fine of $90 sweet.

However, I did not get the first notice, or any reminders, and now it is escalated to me having to appear in a Cairns Court in mid January. Nowhere on the summons and enclosed documents is a phone number, email address or in fact any address except for where the Courthouse is.

So if any Blitzers are in Cairns, can you pop down to the Cairns Magistrate Court for me and plead my insanity and pay my fine.


I’ll do it, but only if you pay my fine too :wink:

The insanity part I’ll do for free.


Seeing parents ‘triggered’ knowing they have the next 5 plus weeks with their kids.

Tag you’re it.