What annoys you? Extra time

Threads being closed at 10,000 posts.

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People doing facetime / skyping in closed public places.

Morons thinking their device can’t be heard is the the modern day equivalent of my sh_it doesn’t smell.

Bloke at airport just had a chat to his wife who proceeded to explain how the cat urinated over the pillow. Rivetting stuff.



I thought you had been banned from the Qantas lounge?

That stupid handshake where they basically wrap their hand around the others thumb. Not sure what it is called but it is too American and it sucks

It annoys me when I create a great original thread and it gets to 10,000 posts and is closed, then someone else piggy backs off it and creates the same thread and is all like “look at me, I created a popular thread”.


we’re all just filling time until @SillyBilly has a run in with a family member/friend/spouse/whatever

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It’s one thread from 2018. I’m telling you Cloney, with all my heart, you have to move on.

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People that don’t wash their hands after going to the toilet.


Or that hug/shake thing.

“F*ck, mate. At least buy me a drink first”.

people doing reply all to a mailing list, and you getting a continual stream of replies when it has nothing to do with you


and then someone posts “Stop doing Reply All”, which of course has to go to everyone

but then others follow up with I Agree, and they all do Reply All.



People texting while walking then stopping abruptly in front of you.
Somewhat less annoying and dangerous as doing it in their car, but annoying nonetheless.


We used to use Lotus Notes, which operated as a mailing system, among other things.

One of the less-technical members of our group did his Annual Assessment using it, and then sent it to everyone in the Victorian network…hundreds of people on different projects and sites.

One of the people did a Reply All and suggested that, among his areas for improvement, he work on his Lotus Notes.

And the state IT manager, a guy called Drake, used to warn everybody about overusing email to make sure only relevant people received the emails, yet he’d send to everybody for the most quotidian things like “heading out for a coffee” or “just going to crimp off a loaf”. One of my mates used the Seinfeld line at every receipt…Hate the Drake!


Constant news reports that public gathering or protests have attracted 100,000 people when they’re less than half that, or possibly a quarter. Nobody has any idea when reporting this. 100,000 people is a shitload, imagine the entire grand final crowd at the MCG crowded into city streets or a public square…it would look epic. The record crowd for the Sidney Myer music bowl is said to be 200,000 but from the photos it wouldn’t even be close to 100,000

The union march looked massively bigger than the Australia Day march.
But I take your point.
When estimates range from 7k to 70k depending on your…point of view.

Google listens.

Happened now on 4 occasions that my wife and I would have a chat and within 24 hours there is a promoted post that relates exactly to something we were talking about.
Latest example was my wife said she may need driving glasses and sure enough there is a promoted post from OPSM

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I reckon they do, too. A few weeks` ago i was talking to a colleague about getting my pricing guns fixed and the next day i get a pop up ad for exactly that. We were only talking in person and nothing was even done online before the ad popped up. Google should be solving crimes with this technology !!!

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Tin snips. Dumbest friggin design for a tool. I can use pretty much any tool, powered or otherwise, but tin snips do my damn head in every time

Get yourself a set of Wiss Snips, Left, Right, & Straight Cut.

Thank me later.


What the Jesus H C is going on on our roads?? I honestly thought things couldn’t get worse, but they have. In the last couple of weeks on 2 occasions I’ve had a driver pull out in front of me ‘on coming traffic’ - (no more than 4 or 5 car lengths away), without the slightest regard. Luckily, it’s happened on side streets where I’ve I instinctively decided to drive defensively. Who on earth is dishing out licences these days FFS?? There are killers out on our roads because they struggle with basic road rules and have no right to behind a wheel.

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