What annoys you? Extra time

Bought some cleaning stuff off Facebook Monday night.

Tuesday…go for my coffee…card declined.

Later in the arvo, lunch at the Mex joint, card declined. Paid cash.

So went home, logged into the NAB site, couldn’t see anything.
Then went onto the automated chat…which card are you concerned about? Dropdown list…credit card not listed.

Chat with a real person. Oh, it’s that transaction from Monday.

Me…it was legit, why didn’t you text me to ask if it was legit, or at least, tell me you’re blocking the card.

She fixed it, so today wandered into NAB Warrnambool to have a whinge.

Staffer tells me that they always tell you they’re blocking via text, giving you the option to overrule them.

Well, they didn’t…and they haven’t in the past.

I blame @bugman5


My In-Laws get this as they back onto Dandy national Park. The amount of times they have been sworn at by illegal dumpsters who have been caught and had to drive away.

Some have even just ignored them and did it anyway.

The demise of the question mark. If you’re writing an actual question, don’t finish it with a full stop. Okay???

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People who use three question marks to indicate a question. One is sufficient. Correct?

I shouldn’t even validate this with a response, but clearly some people need to be asked several times for emphasis.

People who end sentences with a gazillion exclamation marks, thats more annoying

I know right!!!

Missing commas are annoying too…

just bad punctuation and grammar as a whole is really annoying and for all intensive purposes anyone who cant communicate good should be removed from the jean pool


Especially if they speak to (a subject) or change tact regularly…


Is, this the way, you want people, to speak to, you,!!!

Thats crazy.

I recommend a test before being allowed to register to vote.

You are given a couple of sentences with missing or superfluous apostrophes, incorrect uses of their, your and their homophones, and incorrect use of the object pronounces.

You are allowed one error only. Anything worse, you’re cooking the democracy sausages, not eating them after voting.

What do you think is the correct way to pronounce “object”…?


Depends on the context…

This thing (OBject)

I have a problem with what is proposed ( ob-ject)

That’s not what I’m getting at…

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time to find a hobby for saturdays in november noonan

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I’m imagining the enormity of the personal indignation when the error is realised…


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One allowed error.


“Who is Round and to what does he object?”