What Annoys You More


So, is there an undo button?



Deb may not have any gold medals, but she probably has a house.


Fair enough. I’ll check in later.


What is the point of the trailers for Yesterday being released now when it doesn’t hit cinemas 'til June?


Ok so the latest MKR ad (■■■ some horrible word is said ■■■) doesn’t annoy me as such. What annoys me is that said word is definitely not going to be f----t or n----r or something to actually get worked up over (as HILARIOUS as that would be calling a white woman either of those) and it will just be something benign like tramp or harlot.

-edit- O M G is censored? WTgoddamnF?


Don’t take the L’s initial in vain.


10/10 for irony.
Would read again.


Maybe she says Oh My God?

She probably says something like diva or hussy or some crap like that.
I can’t watch channel 7 anymore, they show more MKR ads than the actual show that is on


I just filled out my Roy Morgan TV viewing survey last week. I think the only time I admitted to watching FTA commercial TV was the NRL State of Origin. Absolutely nothing else.


That is the beauty of grandparents.


Yep. They can go on the cruise for you to make sure it isn’t wasted.


FTA is ■■■■■■■ atrocious. It’s all reality TV shows. The only channel I watch is 7flix because they at least play some old sitcoms


I know I’m getting as old as my parents when I say this but ABC and SBS are the only channels worth watching.


The quoting system on this website.


The apparently homeless bloke that asks me for spare change to get a bed for the night -whilst simultaneously rolling an Old Holborn cigarrette. Seriously, mate, I generally try to help people out but come on, at least give me an excuse to pretend to think you put your money towards essentials.


True story -

Once upon a time, a long time ago, in a St called Ackland, I was walking back to my car after a night out. There was a guy sitting on a step, asking for money. I decided on running my own little social experiment, sat next to him, had a brief chat about stuff, and handed him $20. I asked him what he’d do with it, and he mumbled some unintelligible things. Being not just a little wasted myself, I sauntered off, only to double back and watch him.
The bloke took off and went down a dark alley. I nimbly followed him, like a ninja - like a shadow. I think he went into Coles.
He emerged from that dank and smelly cesspit about 20 minutes later - with myself, ever-vigilant, not missing his egress, and promptly stalking the unkempt fellow - keeping to the dark doorways and shadows.
I snucked up closer and peered into his shopping bags. He had 8 rolls of toilet paper and some packets of pasta. He also asked me to ■■■■ off.

Moral of the story and what I learned -
Not all beggars are members of nefarious gangs of Dickensian professionals.
If the guy had spent it on bottles of the cheapest, foulest gut-rot available - he still would have been in a saner state than I.
I am not a ninja.


What I took from all that is that he was most likely using the toilet paper for rolled Old Holborn cigarettes.

Oh, and that you were wasted and therefore only heading for your car to sleep. Though the ■■■■■■ can arrest you for that too, these days. Which is friggin stupid.


Thought that was gunna end up like the homeless guy scene in American Psycho, but it had a happy ending.


Wait, what?
You can be arrested for sleeping in your car drunk, or just sleeping in your car?