What Annoys You More


I think it’s Drunk in Charge of a Vehicle.

If you’ve got the keys, you’re in charge.


Don’t get behind the wheel, backseat for a snooze is best. Don’t put the keys in the ignition, best to throw them in the glove box or something. That’s how it used to be anyway. Caught drunk in the drivers seat with keys in ignition, … Gawn!


It seems kind of silly though. I mean, keys in the ignition, fair enough. I think the assumption that you may be about to drive is reasonably logical.

But anything else should be fair game. If the police want to keep an eye on them, and breath test when they go to drive off, I’m all for that. But surely letting them sleep and sober up is better than a fear of being caught sleeping, chancing their arm, and driving heavily intoxicated? I dunno, it’s not something I’ve done, but I know several who have and always thought it’s a reasonably responsible thing to do.


Not sure about other states, but in qld you don’t have to be in the drivers seat. Anywhere in the car will do. An old mate of mine who’d developed a serious alcohol problem got his licence back around a year ago after a lengthy dd suspension. He bought a cheap van. I told him not to sleep in it if he’d had a drink. Didn’t listen and got done again within a couple of months. That was farking annoying. Don’t know where he is now.

Edit: I think it’s harsh when applied like that (obviously not driving), but that’s how it is.


I’m getting a ending-of-Fight-Club vibe about this story.


It’s really cute when people reverse the roles when retelling stories.


And I was expecting services rendered for an exchange of money…


James fckn Brayshaw!!


I’m shocked that you trusted a shady character like @Deckham enough to give him 20 dollars!


What about new cars these days. Only have to have the keys in your pocket and then you can just push start button.


Ok, … so I have this block I bought a few years back that I subdivided and built the front unit/townhouse to lock up, and then just left it for the last 5 years or so, and stored some stuff in the backyard, like a caravan, an old boat a couple of cars and a site shed.

Been that way for ages, no one can see anything, it’s all behind the unit out of view, and it’s fully fenced o/wise.

Then, a little while ago, some kids broke into the site shed and in ■■■■■■■ around I guess, set alight to it and burned it half down before the FB was called and put it out.

Now, even though nothing has essentially changed, as far as anyone seeing or knowing anything is even there, because the council has got involved, they are ordering me to remove my stuff, caravan boat etc from my own fking backyard.

I keep the lawn mown out front, though sometimes the back gets a bit long, (you have to keep grass reasonable length, that’s been a thing forever for fire) but still, no one can see it, it’s no eyesore, … so should I be able to just tell them to fk off??

What business do they have telling me what I can do/store in my own backyard if it’s not upsetting anyone or a public hazard etc, of any sort??

I’m thinking of telling them to stuff it!


Someone’s complained.


Maybe,… the thought did cross, but it would be hard to imagine. I’ve known those either side for a decade, really good folks.

Maybe someone new has moved in behind, but still, as I say, no one can see anything. I’m ringing tomorrow to ask them if anyone has at all, … and if not, I’m asking, " Then how tf is this any of your business??"

(Maybe not so gruffly,… I don’t really need them completely offside at this point,. . )


Tell them to ■■■■ off, see what happens. They aren’t police. Decide what to do if it goes to the next step.


Ask the Council to quote the relevant by law.
One of my neighbours has four vintage cars and a caravan in his back yard and a caravan out the front. Bothers no one. Been there for years.


Cheers BA, … likewise, it hasn’t been a thing at all, ever.

And it really shouldn’t be now. Just feels like they saw cause of the fire, and now are overstepping their purview, for god knows what reason.


Any houses gone up for sale/lease in the immediate area?
Agents don’t love that look, and they don’t care who they ■■■■ off.


Went round this morn for another mow and tree trim etc, and had a look, didn’t see any signs up.

Put a cal in, waiting for one back.


People who wander around where I work like it’s a friggin’ zoo.


My boss trying to pressure me into giving up my permanent full time and flexible return to work arrangements for permanent part time because it’s easier on her. My award states I have until my youngest is primary school age and she’s supposed to ask me once, no every 3 months. Tries to use guilt and has indicated it may hold back my chance of promotion