What Annoys You More


Drink driving has everything to do with alcohol.
I’m more than happy to accept that as part of the cost of alcohol.
I’m less convinced that we should include people who do their back in carrying a slab from the bottle-o to the car.


Did you know that you are far more likely to die smelling of cigarette smoke, if you’re a smoker?


More likely, sure.
But you’re probably on oxygen by then.


I just can’t see your line then.


True but that 31 billion includes 19.5 billion of bullshit ‘Intangible costs’ which seems to be calculated on the basis that a life is somehow worth 2 million, and as such a year lost is worth 53k.


Can I get a $200k rebate from the government if I agree to die 4 years early?


Seems a bit like the Yes Minister clip.


I’d be willing to accept $180k so that there’s a benefit to the taxpayer.


Are you saying the net cost of wimmsy dying would be worth more, or less, than $53k pa (plus super, ■■■■■)?


Work - so I just resigned.


It’s good that there’s so many original, funny hot takes that are actually already covered if you could be arsed to take 3 minutes to have a read.

Net cost

Ie. yes you lot dying early saves us some healthcare costs later but it would still actually be a (net) good thing to have you around.


Could I get the workings on my grandfather?
He died at 92 after smoking for…I think it was about 65 years.
He didn’t smoke for about the last ten.

Not the health cost, but his actual dying…what was the cost there?


I reckon anyone who denies that smoking has a pretty substantial affect on the health system is probably a smoker/ ex smoker in denial


Planned? Impulsive? In the ■■■■? Happy?


Great stuff. Persue your own happiness


Why would an ex-smoker be in denial?
Asking for a friend.


92 is 10 years above the average life expectancy.
Bully for him.
The average smoker dies 10 years earlier than non smokers.


So do they count that as a positive when they do the workings?
An extra ten years at $53kpa?


Are there any other things that smokers do more than the average that would contribute to an average earlier death? Like, for example, failing to take other health precautions?


Both groups are in the same boat - justifying their decisions.
We all do it, it’s very human.

“I used to smoke a lot of weed. I still do, but I used to as well” - the famous Hedberg bit…