What Annoys You More


I stood on one of those plastic chairs once, trying to hang up a hanging plant basket. It cracked and I went straight through.

Only injured one leg, thank goodness. I was to scared to look at the damage. Hubby came out with a towel and said ‘ don’t look’ :grinning:, wrapped my leg and took me to the hospital.

Waited 3 hours in emergency. Anyway, 12 stitches later went home.

I don’t have only plastic chairs or hanging plants anymore. :grinning:


Evil things, those. They’re the kid ones, yeah? If you keep them outside, they weaken dramatically.


Just one of those plastic chairs that everyone seems to have. Usually green or white. It had been outside for a couple of seasons.

Should have realised before I got on it.


Should take it to the rare words thread.

It must be rare to have stumped you.


Well, I’m no @Heather_Mills


You are comparing apples and oranges in terms of the statistical years. Tobacco excise has declned with lower smoking rates. Lower smoking rates might lead to lower smoking related health costs.


Yes of course. But happy for you to find a more recent estimate of tobacco related health costs. That estimate from the early 2000’s would certainly be MUCH higher now.

Also you are wrong about the short term impact of “Lower smoking rates might lead to lower smoking related health costs.” These are not incurred early in a smoker’s life but decades later. The greatest costs come in later years treating lung and other cancers, heart attack, stroke, etc. It is too early for these costs to have been reduced by reductions in smoking over the last decade or so.

So smokers are still in net deficit by many billions per year.


Do figures relating to deaths typically associated with smoking take into account the percentage of these deaths that occur without smoking being involved?


A quick google will lead you to AT’s source. It’s all controlled for as much as these things can be.

However there’s proven risk increases for heart disease, respiratory problems, and obviously cancer - which accounts for (or at least contribute to) most things that are going to kill you. If your lungs are stuffed, you’re going to have a bad time.


I was a fan of the cost of ‘social issues’ cited.
Would they be the social issues caused by selling a product that retails for $7.50(AUD) in the US for over $40 in Australia?


you’re too wholesome


That and hilarious stuff like burning your house down, or the taxpayer having to pay for a PCA because you can’t get up your own stairs because you’ve smoked your lungs to ■■■■ by your early 50s.


One is stupid and one is health, so I’d hope they’re not.


You can hope for whatever you want. It explains it fully, in black and white.

They’re costs to the taxpayer that don’t come out of the health budget.

And I struggle to believe that anyone who works in public health doesn’t see the huge, huge number of patients who are there partially due to their smoking, or there for much longer than they otherwise should because they smoke. Unless you’re really trying very hard not to see it.


Also “one is stupid” explains every cent that tobacco costs, doesn’t it?


You know?
I really don’t.
I see a few, but nothing like the numbers I’d have expected.

And sorry, but including accidents in the misuse of a product as part of the cost is a massive stretch.


No, just that one.
Does it have the cost for when people slip on an empty packet?


Thats just Darwinism doing its thing.


Should probably deny them healthcare and insurance and road use.


In what way is it a stretch!
Would they have anything else on fire in their beds or armchairs?

By your argument, drink driving doesn’t have anything to do with alcohol. Accidental heroin overdoses don’t have anything to do with heroin.

They do.