What annoys you?


A very large % of BMWs on the road in Australia are company vehicles.


salary packages for upper middle management.


I’ll just assume you’ve never driven behind a pre-2002 Volvo !


Nope. Not car types…gene types.

Worst drivers live in Caulfield and Box Hill.

I grew up in Caulfield. You just have to learn to drive defensively. No idea what those f***ers are going to do next, and worse still, neither do they.


Ah ha…


Some stereotypes are stereotypes for a reason.


That’s called being an irresponsible moron. I’m sure the kids have amazing names to boot also.


Not really related, but does anyone know why your Elsternwick types are so mad for scooters? I drive through there a bit for work, I see many a forelock blowin’ in the breeze, but always on big wheeled scooters - never razor type scooters, only rarely pushbikes.


No sense of responsibility whatsoever and actually seems to be proud of his achievements. Not that I see much of him, thankfully. Needs his nads cut off.


Worst drivers I have seen in my time in 20+ countries and 4 continents are WA drivers. They are not bad dangerous but bad annoying and incompetent.

They love to drive 10 kmh under the speed limit.

They love to come out from a side street or their driveway, cutting you off, then driving at 10 kmh under the speed limit.

Oddly, if you are behind them, when they have to stop at a stop sign, they will wait to give way to cars that are >500m away. They can only take one shot of adrenaline for the day.

They come to a roundabout and … stop.

They frankly admit they don’t know how to merge on freeways.

They turn left from the right hand lane, slowing to a near stop despite all the traffic on the highway behind them. Because they learnt how to drive using a tractor.

And these are their better features.

I call them “precision drivers” in the same way that John Howard was called Honest John.


calder fwy every ■■■■■■■ day, all times.

80 zone lets do 90, 100 zone lets do 90.

■■■■ OFF


Ever driven in Geelong?


Yeah…no comparison to Caulfield. Caulfield stands alone on the podium with Box Hill on silver. Geelong is just about to enter the stadium.


On pedestrian crossing with green light, car moves forward, I tap on bonnet letting them know. Driver winds down window, I am about to graciously accept apology, but am told” I didn’t see you, you psycho”


So it should actually be ‘big’ Allan?



I miss bob shearman.


Oh, so should have tapped harder? Will remember that for next time.


Hospital food is disgusting. Just ordered Thai food from the local restaurant to tide me over.


Private usually better than public, speaking from experience. Once, when in public for an extended time, was chipped for
being underweight. . I said what else can you expect when I don’t have access to a cafeteria that you do. Had to be given anti-nausea pills to take when I lifted the lid off the hot dish. Sandwiches were the best choice.
And as for the coffee Public or private just as bad, unless they let you bring in your own gear and provide hot water.