What annoys you?


Fkn lol. Fixed. Took me a while to remember what I was trying to say. Moved to an iPhone… still figuring out this ■■■■ keyboard.


Go into the keyboard settings…turn on predictive test, turn off auto-correct.


The ironing is delicious.


Don’t try to call a VFL game after doing that.


Come to think of it, not sure that predictive text is worthwhile on the iPhone like it is on the iPad.

At least have spellcheck on.



(I’m not going to Bali in a week’s time, but I am going VIA there.)

Currently in a game of “do you feel lucky, punk?” as insurance only partially covers the cost of rebooking a different route (and it may be a lot less partially if i wait to see if the airport remains open on the day!)


Self entitled idiots.

Flying to Maldives last week, there is a queue for people who have already checked in online for bag drop and a queue for those that have not. Bagdrop line super short, other line had about 100 people in. Guy in front of us at Bagdrop line gets to counter and says “Yeh I haven’t checked in online, but I’m not queuing up that long”

AND SHE STILL SERVES HIM?!?!?! Why not say “Mate go to the back of the line and do what everyone else is doing”.


don’t get paid enough to deal with the ensuing shitfight.


(I blinked and bought alternative flights. The worst case scenario wasn’t having to do that on the day, if things worsened… rather it was getting to Bali and THEN it gets shut down so I can’t continue onwards. My original flights have been refunded but I still end up paying a bit more to have 12 less hours of holiday.)


HA! Also just remembered, this guy walks onto the flight with his LARGE wife, and boldy says to the hostie, “Excuse me,” points at his wife, “She’s going to need two seats can you see what you can arrange?”

She was close to needing three.

THEN BUY TWO SEATS. Flaming hell.


A couple came to my place once.
I made stew.
They were delicious.


My would be BIL is about to have his 9th kid. At 32 years of age. To the sixth mother (??). Barely worked a day in his life.


Crikey. That’s some kind of record.


Why is it always the BMW that tries to cut into traffic after coming from 10 cars back?


That’s where I give them a shrug that says, ‘Try your luck, pal, I’m driving a ten year old Lancer.’


Worst drivers ever are hyundai excels.


Comes with the sense of entitlement most BMW drivers are born with.


Comes with a sense of being a carnt


Jim #$%^ing Maxwell. Makes me switch over to TV commentary every time.