What annoys you?


When the management gets a pay rise or bonus for cost cutting and delivering better dividends for shareholders, (it is happenening in aged care residences) standards fall appallingly. The bigger the organisation, like BUPA, the more likely it is. And when those places run by not for profit charities sell out to them, it happens all over again.
Some in my family in aged care have been through three changes of ownership, gets worse every time, although helpful Commonwealth Government agency will take up extreme cases and place them on accreditation watch list - and publicise it.


I didn’t think you could fark up making a sandwich prior to hospital admission. I also got served those dinner rolls you buy at Coles/Woolies that you are meant to cook. Mine were not cooked.

It shouldn’t be too hard to make decent sandwiches, salads and soup for lunch and ceral for breakfast in house.

Anything requiring the cooking of meats , pasta and the like get a proper catering company in.


Yeah now try cooking a few hundred meals at the same time. Delivered across maybe a dozen wards all at the same time. Some meals can be solid. Some semi liquid, some fully vitamised. Some people can eat everything, others have intolerances or allergies, religious considerations, then plain old personal preferences. And all done as cheaply as possible, because the private health funds squeeze the right side of politics to defund medicare at every opportunity.

It’s not cooking a meal for a person


RMH is criminally underfunded: joint’s a tip.


This happens in many kinds of places - it just isn’t a good excuse. You’d have to be off your farkin head not to see that their food is ■■■■. Keep the same budget, make it not ■■■■. It really isn’t that hard a farkin brief. I won’t accept any excuse at all for serving absolute rubbish to sick people at their most vulnerable.


It’s true - the place is terrible. But the doctors are good, and the staff are caring.


Ah yes. They’re doing it intentionally, out of spite. Of course.

Every dollar they spend on food is a dollar they’re not spending on stuff that actually gets people healthy and gets them out of hospital.


Absolutely. All the money has gone to the kids, the eye and ear redevelopment and the new peter mac.


Yeah I get the complications and am not complaining too much about the cooked meals because of it. But sandwiches and soup to an edible standard isn’t too difficult.

Plenty if us are mobile - to varying degrees - I would have loved to walk to the cafe, swiped my card, and helped myself to a servery or buffer like set up and paid directly to the catering company than pay for food I couldn’t eat.

For those not mobile give them the option for hospital food or pay for catered food.


They could gold plate the ■■■■■■■ too - it’d make about as much financial sense.

Hospitals are far, far more complex to run than you realise.


pls. If Jamie can get schools making fresh healthy food for the same cost as serving pre made fried crap,… a Hospital could do it too.


Bullshit. The ■■■■ they serve up does not cost less than simple, healthy alternatives. It just isn’t a priority for them. Salads. Noodles. Eggs. Anything but that literally stinking, rubbish.
There’s plenty of money to go around. The issue is where to spend it. It’s a public hospital, funded by the tax payer. How much is allocated to the hospital as opposed to anywhere else is a choice. So they could have a better budget for meals if the right people deemed it necessary. You know - those people who don’t actually ever go into a public hospital…


Well, yes it does. I don’t lnow how many of those meetings you’ve been in, but it does actually cost less.
And, as I have been trying to explain, they’re funded on how many patients they treat - turnover of beds, and on what they give to, or put in, the patient that medicare deems rebatable.

If they’re spending money on something that doesn’t count under either of those categories, or (measurably) improve patient outcomes, they’re basically flushing it.
They don’t get given that money back.


Last one from me - I’m already two replies deeper in than I like.

Same budget:
The cost of the meals which we’re disputing is not going to get resolved. I’m more than confident in my argument that the food they serve can be bettered greatly, and cost the same.

Overall budget:
You mentioned they are funded on the number of patients they treat.
I say they could be funded more.

You are sticking with an incumbent system of funding, ratios, and standards.
I am not.


I cant disagree on the funding front, but that’s a government problem, not a hospital problem. As I said - criminally underfunded.


Watching Turdball standing up gloating like a cocksmack, saying “What A Day!, … What A Day!”. as the SSM bill is about to be passed into law, … after he put the whole LGBTI community through hell with his bullshit survey, and caused untold harm & pain to so many, and reportedly a number of suicides, simply because he didn’t have the spine nor the agates, to just make it happen.

Prick should be hanging his head in shame over it, but instead is standing there basking in the Bonhomie, as if it’s all for him and this is actually HIS achievement.

Makes me want to puke.


And Dutton getting into the picture, just after he has demonised yet another refugee


On the cost thing, when I was in student boarding digs, a group put up alternative , easy to prepare more nutritious recipes at no extra cost for delivery to same numbers at same time. We had a win but it took a lot of work to convince them.


Fundings more complicated then purely patient turnover. Every patient has a set funding level but this changes depending on complexity of the patient.

And for every patient I have who complains about the food I have at least 2-3 who smash all of it. And your not cooking for 100s, try 1000s! Do that on a limited budget, meeting huge range of requirements (changes in salt, protein, potassium, energy, fibre, texture, shit we have a diet for low iodine.), ages and cultures.

And dietary requirements don’t always get you a better meal, it’s all cooked at the same place. Plenty of people complain about our special meals.

Nutrition is certainly looked at (it’s apart of the accreditation for hospitals). No one’s serving you food you hate on purpose.


Well, Labor had the chance to have it fixed during the Rudd/Gillard years, but squibbed it badly.

Then Shorten carried on as if he alone had got it through, despite the vast majority of No-voting electorates being safe Labor.

Neither side can be proud of their efforts, but I just wish Turnbull had told his troglodyte opponents like Abbott, Abetz, Andrews et al to royally go f**k themselves. I’m sure Christopher Pyne could give them some pointers.