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Monash (though technically Jessie Macpherson) where dad was had excellent meals. I wanted one every time I visited.


100 million could have made a massive difference in so many areas … ■■■■■ me.


Essentially the same food


On taste and nutrition, it can be bearable for a few days, but when you are in long stay and have no choices, in my view the nutritional input of cabbage and carrots boiled to death cannot meet nutritional standards. The longer term stay nutritional standards need to be disaggregated from the short term.
Heff’s girl appears to have suffered psychologically from her short stay. Imagine what it is like for long stay, often immobile patients who are virtual prisoners. On the other hand, medical, nursing and physio support in public hospitals far outstrips private in my experience .


Its not asking much to make decent sandwiches and soups. At least we can lift them to edible standards.

Anyway, to tie off my contribution to this - and apologize it carried on for a while - I wish to impress my deep appreciation to the nurses, doctors, support staff and administrators. They were outstanding.


I’m gunna back megz over you on this one…


Long term patients are certainly taken into account. We have a 28 day menu cycle before stuff gets repeated!

If you’re so interested you can easily read the guidelines Here

It’s certainly not perfect, and there a pleasure to of things that can be done to improve nutrition in hospitals outside of the mend. I see it at both the patient level and the food service level (although not at a production level). And I have tasted pretty much all our meals. There’s something I would eat most days.


Also you can’t go into hospital and expect home cooking!


Of course not, just make it palatable.


If only they could cook!!


The effort put into developing standards is admirable, just that they are not always applied at the end point,. When you get a bit of utterly limp or slimy lettuce without the slightest taste, it is not enough to tick the box that a salad has been provided as part of a balanced diet, or, when your knife bounces back when you try to cut an omelette made from powdered egg …
, Perhaps you are getting to taste something a bit better and younger than a patient I am not a fussy eater and will eat just about anything to match my appetite, but it has to be capable of being swallowed and digested.
Not complaining about the portions served, if anything they can be over generous.
And I am not going to do any more surveys if I am the slightest bit critical or suggest alternatives I get shot down in flames told I am being unreasonable and get told the status quo is the only way to go, or that my direct experience counts for nothing.
As to the 28 day cycle it is all a blur to me. More like a three day cycle,
I am not knocking the public health system, it has done a great job and in severe health circumstances and post operative follow up and support it is way ahead of private,


Gahh, I hate how government departments insist on documents formatted in word! They always look so clunky, especially the tables. But I digress.

That’s actually a fascinating read, interesting that portion sizes were designed (or at least displayed) to meet societal expectations of a “reasonable serve”. Seem to remember that dietitians and the general public have differing views about what a reasonable serve looks like.



I used to work there back in the old days.

On late night shifts when I first started, we would eat at the RMH caff. Over several visits, I noticed that no matter what the choice was - from goulash to “fresh” salad - it would all taste the same.

The food went through some process where all flavour was extracted and replaced with the RMH taste®


Food served in public hospitals in Hong Kong is at a different level - Congee, congee and more congee - Locals have trouble digesting the food.


In Italy, it used to be the case that families brought in the food.


In a lot of countries that is still the case. They are perceived as poor countries who cannot afford decent support for sick people.

This perception must be changed because it is clearly superior to the penny-pinching, grind-them-into the-dirt, neo-feudalist, economic rationalist, neo-cons, or whatever else you want to call those bullshit artists stealing money from the public purse to deliver inferior services.

“Western countries” have been misled by this Thatcherist-Reagonist-Howardist etc-ist bullshit for decades, That is the great source for the discontent that has led to so much political turmoil in so many countries around the world.

Things will keep getting worse until someone can stand up against the billionairs, their captive media, and their pet politicians who keep pushing this propaganda.


Back in the last century, worked at Uni Melb, and with another guy, we would don our cleanest lab coats, borrow a stethoscope and eat at the Doctors Dining Room at RMH. Best food in Melbourne and all free.

Was over six months before they worked out we were gate crashers


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