What annoys you?


The one I prefer is “I’m sorry, but you’re just too stupid for me to talk to you”, shake your head and walk away.

I’m sure there are aspects of the JFK assassination which have been covered up, and aspects of 9/11 that weren’t 100% as per the official version, but when the conspiracy theorists start looking for conspiracies behind every event.


Have you ever wondered whether…all these conspiracy theorists are there for a reason? I mean, is it a coincidence that every sensitive subject is plagued with conspiracies? Don’t you think it rather convenient how the water is constantly muddied, and conspiracy theorists advertently recruit crazies who by their very nature, help confuse, dilute and eventually render these subjects ludicrous?

When you stare into a rabbit hole, sometimes a rabbit stares back at you.


Yep. Said they had Christmas shopping to do that they forgot to do.


Well Billy, let’s hope they are buying really good gifts for you and the grand kids.


Overheard a discussion of some parents complaining about the cost of child care. Maybe just, maybe they should have thought about it more before they had children.


Give it a rest mate.


Ours went up almost 30% in 4 years.

Hardly something I would monitor in the years leading up to having kids either.


Same. Childcare is more expensive than my mortgage. More expensive than school.

And it’s not like the workers are seeing much of this money either.


We’ve accidentally timed our children well and will only have 6 months of 2 kids in childcare before we have one in school. We love our childcare but it’s $146 a day.



Tell me again how Labor is still the party of working people?


Labor Policy is to increase childcare subsidy. Not a policy I like or agree with.


Hit a nerve huh.



Whatever works for you.


Old people hate paying for children. Incredible


Back in my day, if kids got too expensive we just put them in a cradle and let them go in the river.


I work from home, what ■■■■■■ me off is the dogshit internet service that we have in Australia. Having worked around the world this is by far the most bullshit internet i have used. Still having to use ADSL when i live 5km from the CBD is a joke. Hurry up with 5G.


On the childcare issue, if it is that expensive surely you just stop work and look after the kids?

My wife and i made the decision that she wouldn’t work until he goes to primary school.


Not at all Mr Barnz. What annoyed me was people whinging about it.

Us older folk already subsidise child care with our taxes, and Mrs Fox and I kick in for our Grandkids. I do understand that both parents may need or want to work, so they need to farm out the kids, but why complain when it is your own choice.

Neighbours across the road from us own a local child care centre. They may make lots of money, but it doesn’t show up in their lifestyle. I know they both work from 6 am to 8 pm, and seem to work very hard.

And while I am having another rant, I live next door to a primary school that runs pre-school and after school care. They open at 6 am and close about 7 pm. I am also part of a local program they provides breakfast for children at our primary school every day of the week and two days a week at the high school. Many kids get no food all day otherwise.

I have no solutions, but our society is heading in the wrong direction if parenting if left to others.


so using your logic, if you dont like seeing people whinge about childcare, dont come on the thread? am i doing it right?