What are you looking forward to in 2017?

For me:

Massive roar in round one with all the boys back
Seeing how the young kids fit in and contribute now that we have plenty of experience back
A genuine competition for spots in the 22
Pummelling Collingwood on Anzac day
Squeezing in the 8 and winning a final against all odds

Having celebratory beers after a win Round 1 with some Essendon supporting friends of mine who I’ve been mates with since school days (so 16-17+ years).

Actually this part, kind of.

For years it has been me, my dad and my mate who go every week no matter how ■■■■ we are. This year I didn’t go to a single game and my mate went to 2 or 3. My dad went to most so it will be good to go every week again.

Midfield of parish, Heppell, Zach and pick 5 and pick 7.

Beating the ■■■■■ cats in Shepparton and only playing half our team.

Planning further in advance so that I can see more games live.

Winning the flag.

Farking Carlton again.

Can’t wait to jam it up frontrunning, irrelevant packs of **** that were complacent against us this year and either beat us narrowly or were beaten. In particular north, richmond, saints, fark ofc.

JD kicking 80 odd, our brute strength defence crashing carnts, loading up the G for round 1 prime time against which ever tin rattling **** they give us and producing a stirring win, seeing what Woosha can do with a full list at his disposal and the continuing improvement of Zerrett/Parish/Tip/Raz/Hartley/McKenna/Lav/Lang/Long/Gleeson/Francis/Redman

Seeing Trav, Raz, Tipp and Conor all in the same team will be pretty ■■■■■■ exciting too.

Flying over to Melbourne from Perth (assuming we play Demons on Friday Night) with my dad and uncles (sister lives in Melbourne) to watch our first game back with all the boys!

And then

Rambrose and hurls smashing farks till the early morn!

Looking forward to seeing the following things:

Seeing Joey D win a Coleman

Seeing Zerrett win a Brownlow

Seeing Tippa

Seeing Fantasia win goal of the year

Seeing Darcy sledge the opposition

Seeing Hurls smash karntz

Seeing Hooker smash karntz

Seeing Dea break Richmond supporters hearts

Seeing Hartley grow into Hurleys clone

Seening BJ and Jobe and Stants retire with a premiership medallion around their neck (hopefully 2 or 3 depending on contract extensions)

O’Meara to McCluggage to Francis for a goal.

Myers vs Tippa

who will do this more


Giving a huge up yours to the opposition and any other doodle face supporters…maybe having a few jaeger bombs :grin:

Watching the soggy saga disappear in the rear view mirror. (Sticking with the auto correct here).

Winning more than 3 games

For whatever 2017 brings, having the boys back together. What a joy it is going to be to see Hurley, Watson etc run onto the field with Tippa, Zerrett, Fanta etc. It is like having a family reunited and regardless of wins/losses, will certainly put fear into most opposition. Go the ever-Mighty Bombers.

Watson to Wallis to Long to Daniher Goal!!!
Functional forwardline
Kicking over 100 pts every week
Seeing hawthorn end its era and fall down ladder out of 8
Spanking blues in both games.

Seeing our boys back in, game 1, will be emotional.

Seeing WOOSHA play with the press, like a cat does to a mouse.

Playing an exciting brand of footy, fast, furious and focussed.

…and then. TIPPA.

Hurley and Francis… Total beast mode