What song cant you get out of your head from this morning



For me it’s “my puppies name is rags…”


Spinning Around - Kylie


Do i get a n trouble for this



Joy to the World - Three Dog Night


Juno and Me - The Dugites



Big River - Jimmy Nail (with help from Mark Knofler)


Luxurious - Sarah Blasko


depressing but fitting but at my uncles funeral they played “time to say goodbye” with Sarah brightman and some bloke called bocelli.
I was holding up pretty well till then.


Just turned the telly on to watch the news & one of the hosts was wearing a horse mask. Now, I can’t get the theme song to Mister Fckn Ed outta my mind.

A horse is a horse, of course, of course, And no one can talk to a horse of course…


Now I can’t get rid of why does it always rain on me to go away for some reason


As long as you aren’t a ‘fool in the rain’, it shouldn’t matter. :wink:


Or I couldn’t stand you


Just your average day on Japanese tv then.


I generally don’t watch much TV, especially Japanese TV, but even the news can be really out there at times. Welcome to the Land of Increasing Quirkiness. :grin: