What the fark was that? - the Mr Robot thread

Hell, even when they cut her skull open… OK, too far.

Yeah, another good episode, it looks to be back on track.

But Joanna dying now is kinda weird, and makes her whole season two story (which was substantial) seem pointless. Ok, she framed Scott Knowles and got Tyrell off those charges. Oh well, he’s still the most wanted cyber terrorist in the world. She probably got him down to three life sentences instead of four.

Music was awesome again too.

More interestingly, we have now gone two eps without a word of what happened with the Trenton and Mobley cliffhanger at the end of S2. Hope we get answers soon.

Holy fark, this show has bounced back in impressive fashion. Season 3 has been so good thus far, that it’s making season 2 better in hindsight.

After a full season of no answers and more questions, this season is throwing answers around like crazy.

  • So Tyrell does wear casual clothes, he just wants to look his best for Elliott.
  • So Dom’s boss is working with Dark Army. I remember briefly wondering that last year, then I just completely forgot about the guy.
  • So Cisco was playing Darlene all along. Sure, he genuinely cared for her, but still…

Great episode, except for the Trump stuff. Sam Esmail has been cringy annoying in his public commentary about Trump, so not surprised he’s trying to jam him in here somewhere. It’s lame though. No way Whiterose would back Trump.

I enjoyed all the answers we got in that episode, but tbh I didn’t need to spend that much time with Tyrell.

I 100% agree with Peos about the Trump scene - whatever it was trying to say, I didn’t get it.

Ep kind of felt pointless in a way but I thought it was riveting. It did give us an insight into Tyrells motivations though, mainly being that he luuuuuurves Elliot and hates eCorp cause they fired him? Or something?

I didn’t pick Doms boss as a mole, so that was an interesting twist.

Bobby Caravale (sp) is also absolutely crushing it this season. Steals every scene he’s in.

Trenton and Mobley update: still MIA.

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And agree the Trump thing felt cringey. Esmail says that he has had this whole story beginning to end written for many years. If that’s the case, don’t try and shoehorn some Trump plot in I reckon

I know I seem to say this about every show… But does anybody listen to the Bald Move Podcast for Mr Robot?

Those guys dissect episodes like few others, and this is a great series for that sort of thing.

Can we add Irving’s little spiel about anything being possible with technology the the evidence that this is a valid theory?

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Also, I wonder who Tyrell is going to kill when he finds out about his mrs.

I still think it’s a quantum computer, but yes, something that has the power to remake the world from a particular period in time.

Another great ep today. Show has finally become the great show it always threatened to be. And this is only a short 10 ep series. 6 to go.

Yep, a good solid episode. The show is totally back on track.

Stage 2 might wanna happen soon, though.

And there was a clear scissor vibe going on with Darlene and Agent whats-her-face (Merryl Streep’s daughter), yeah?

Stage 2 definitely needs to be brought on soonish, and it needs to actually happen. We’ve been promised it for the best part of two seasons. I want to see that building fall.

Also, apparently next week’s ep is one continuous shot for the whole episode, Birdman style. USA are showing it without ad breaks.

Loved the intensity of the one shot setup, especially when they went with the shaky cam for Angela’s part.

In terms of the story, at least Elliott has sort of caught up to where we viewers have been for a while (vis a vis Angela and Darlene). But apart from that this ep just sort of stalled a bit plot wise. We’re so close to stage 2!

Side note: the ratings can’t be great if the network was happy to show it without ads…

I thought it was good, but the whole thing just made me feel anxious (which I guess was the point). At least they are bringing on Stage 2 (which has to be next episode) well before the end of the season.

Trenton and Mobley update: wtf

I loved it, I’m so into this season.

I agree it didn’t propel the plot too far, but the plot can only be propelled so much in 45 mins of ‘real time.’

Superbly shot (that shot when Angela was at the computer terminal, and it zoomed out of the wall so you could see the crowd underneath, was friggin cinematography porn!) and brilliant sound design again.

Stage 2 has to happen within a matter of minutes of this episode finishing… Unless Angela farked something up.

If they were dead, I reckon we’d know by now. I’d say they’ve been recruited by the dark army, and as Whiterose has mentioned a few times that they want it to look like F society started in Iran… And Trenton is Iranian…

Well well well. That was without question their best episode ever.

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More thoughts:

  • such a unrelentingly tense episode. They did a great job of ratcheting it up, even during the kind of stupid fight club bits.

  • more extremely explicit BTTF references. Esmail is just trolling us at this point, right?

  • something happened. Bodes well for the next four episodes, as I have no idea where this is now going.

  • do we think the time travel / alternative universe / quantum computer thing is real or Whiterose is just a cult leader? Against odds I’m still going with real. Trenton and Mobley (still MIA) even seemed to allude to it at the end of last season, so maybe it really is a thing. Who knows.

Great great ep.

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Just watched it.
That was INTENSE!

Didn’t realise it was just one long scene switching between the main characters. It was done superbly well.

A grade television

I dunno about that, but it was pretty friggin good.

Finally, stage 2 happened and it was bigger than expected. Nice little twist that one.

So either Whiterose slipped Angela a strong hallucinogen last season, or young Angela time travelled / teleported / mulitverse jumped.

Friggin cool. This season is superb.

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