What the fark was that? - the Mr Robot thread


Why do you say this? Was the young Angela this ep the same as the young Angela in the video game examination scene? I didn’t pick that up


*Close up of Mar-a-lago napkin *
“Another fine choice of venue by Sergei.”
“Utterly tasteless.”

Somehow this was the least ham-fisted swipe at Trump this season. Please stop.


Other than that, heck yes that was superb.


Yep, it’s the same actress.

Very cool.


The thing I don’t understand about that is this. Why, if Angela was being interviewed by a younger version of herself, didn’t she freak out? She would have recognised herself presumably?


Also, Angela has her very own Mr Robot (Mrs Robot) too, right?

The way she coldly detached during that first scene and started referring to him as Mr Alderson…


I dunno, maybe she did freak out but because she’s a cold, emotionless automaton, it didn’t show.


I totally didn’t get that, but makes sense in hindsight.

Yeah, it won’t be the last of it. As long as he keeps Trump away from the main plot, it should be ok.


Sergei somebody was also the Russian ambassador to the US at the time the show is set in (2015)


Watched episode 1 last night. Awesome.

Will return once I’m up to speed.


Oh boy, that was pretty grim on all fronts. Great TV, but grim.

So Angela was brainwashed into believing in the time travel stuff?

Hey, at least @SMJ finally got his Trenton and Mobley update :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


It was grim! Everyone is either having a mental breakdown or dead. Angela has gone around the twist, Elliot/MR is realising that his cause has just been co opted by the rich, Tyrell is in a bad place (that scene with the FBI guy was BRUTAL) and Dom is defeated.

Trenton and Mobley are still back though if I just keep hitting rewind like a crazy person!

I’m starting to think this show isn’t going end well (like at the end of the entire season run, which Esmail has said won’t run more than 5 seasons). The rich survive, Whiterose survives, E Corp survives, and even if they don’t something just as powerful takes their place. Farkin grim


Well picked.


The word Grim doesn’t quite cut it. What an absolute bummer of an episode.

What a c*nt that guy is, I can’t wait until he gets his comeuppance. And he will.
“1 in 5 abuse rate.” Fark you.

Come on, Esmail is an idealist. The show will end with capitalism falling, and communism taking over the world as everybody sings kumbaya under a rainbow.


I’m intrigued by Santiago’s telephone conversation with his mother- was it just to illustrate how little he knows about what the Dark Army are doing, or are they going somewhere with that relationship? I could be wrong about this, but seem to recall him ringing his mum in another scene? - Or am I mixing it up with something else?

Season 3 has been exceptional. The first two were good but this is just something else.


As long as Flupper is okay, I’m good with that. I worry about Flipper.


After the hectic pace of the last few weeks, it was a welcome respite this week.

Not my favourite episode of the year, but it did a great job of slowing everything down in order to reset the plot.

It also tackled suicide (or attempted suicide, or suicidal impulses more specifically) in a mature fashion.

Elliott didn’t cease his attempt because of some ‘O.M.G’ moment, or a revelation that changed it all. He just got distracted… by life. That’s usually how it works.

Team Elliott has hit rock bottom, and now they begin the long climb back up. Gonna be a great last few episodes I think.

  • Oh, and is all the Back to Future stuff just a bit of a gimmick, or are they eventually going to ‘go there?’


1 more to go in season one. Picked the Christian Slater/fight club thing by about EP 3 but didn’t join the dots on him being dad and was totally blindsided by the sister reveal. Awesome


There was a couple of Donnie Darko references too, the main one being the bathroom and movie theatre scenes and the home of Mobley’s brother which is the same house as the Patrick Swayze character.

Interesting too is the Donnie Darko reference as the movie revolves around time travel and alternate universes.


I’m guessing/hoping that once the time travel kicks in, things will start changing so that we end up with a Mr Robot reality exactly like ours (the real one), and we’re left wondering if people are time traveling and changing stuff while we’re remaining completely unaware of it – we’d always be thinking the latest change (even if it happened a second ago) is the way it’s always been – that perhaps Mr Robot really happened, but then stuff got changed and we’re left with what we have ‘now’.

Ever since reading Rant by Chuck Palahnuik, I’ve been hoping someone would do this. And Esmail is clearly a Chuck fan. Maybe this whole Mr Robot episode (as in show) could just be one of those ‘liminal/liminoid’ events mentioned in Rant?

Apologies if anyone goes and reads Rant (which I highly recommend) and I’ve spoiled it for you.