What the fark was that? - the Mr Robot thread

NOTE: There will be spoilers, though none of them will likely make any sense.

Well? Thoughts? @Paul_Peos, @dingus, others?

Where are you guys watching/downloading/streaming from?

The bay of piratey type folk is your friend

I’ll get back to you tomorrow. PB showing no results when I checked a few hours back.

It’s now up on foxtel, too.

Interested to know thoughts when people get to it then. The one thing that is probably won’t be in dispute is that the use of ‘Touch’ was stunning - probably the best musical choice the show has made (and there have been many good ones)

Feels like this season may be a bit “easier” to follow. Enjoyed the 1st ep and can’t wait for more.

Gotta agree there SMJ. The use of music in the whole series has been almost eerily perfect.

Evem the use of Julie Andrews seemed perfect. It’s amazing how they pull it off.

OK, I’m up to speed.

My concerns heading into the season have been somewhat quelled already, so that’s a good start.

So, after hearing about it so often, and knowing it was important, we finally see the Washington State Plant. In basically the first five minutes and, it turns out it’s a large Hadron Collider. Sweet.

So, when you combine that with Angela almost giving the whole mystery away when talking to Elliott, it appears time travel / inter dimension travel is very much on the menu. It also answered more questions than the whole of season 2 did.

It will be interesting to see if there is another hidden twist / wtf moment this year. I’m going with Darlene being an informant for the FBI, and her mission is to pin it all on Tyrell. But that might become blatantly obvious as early as next week, so probably not a massive twist.

Some thoughts:

  • Can somebody get Tyrell some jeans and a comfy t-shirt? He looks so uncomfortable all the time, seeing that his version of relaxed casual is taking his tie and jacket off. Did he bring any other clothes when he did a runner, or is it the same suit from season 1?
  • We couldn’t get even a brief catch up with Tyrell’s Hot Missus? She had 3 or 4 seemingly pointless arcs last year, but she couldn’t get even a cameo this week?
  • Not sure this show is in GOAT territory, but Rami Malek’s performance is.

As SMJ said, the music was spot on (as usual), in fact the whole production is top shelf.

I’m back on board, looking forward to see where it goes.

None of her arcs are pointless.



I think its great that we got a look at the WT Plant so soon in the season as well, and that those issues that were implied in the last season but not explicitly dealt with were put front and centre so early.

It did look like a large hadron collider, but my theory is that its actually some sort of a quantum computer capable of massive calculations. My current view (which no doubt will change next week and the week after that) is that the clue to how the plot will go was contained in the scene where Elliott wins the minesweeper game - he said something like “if you poison the data you can make the game do whatever you want” (or similar). That’s what I think is going on with the WT plant - its not a case of time travel, but rather some sort of massive computer that is capable of creating an alternative reality if you feed it particular data about a particular point in time. I know this makes no sense the way I’ve expressed it but hopefully you get my drift.

The other thing about this show is that the devil is always in the detail. Did anyone else notice the photo on Angela’s dressing table was of a girl who looks exactly like the girl that administered the 80s computer test to Angela in S2?

And yes, most importantly, Tyrell’s missus is smoking hot. She also did some ‘interesting’ modelling early in her career. The internet is your friend, @dingus

Yeah, saw that. Although I thought it was clear that girl was young Angela even at the time.

Yeah good call.

Also agree with your thought that Darlene is working with the FBI. It was clearly on the cards with her line of questioning in this episode and her subsequent breakdown

And when she had the breakdown in the toilet, she called somebody who I assume was the FBI. (Who the fark else has she got to call?)

Plus the Feds were waiting out the front of Elliott’s apartment when she was in there waiting for him, she dodged Elliott’s question about what she said to the Feds… Her questions about Tyrell specifically…

Yeah, not sure it’s even a twist, it’s pretty blatant.

Could Darlene be another one of Elliott’s split personalities?

I don’t think so. I think she’s been involved in too many plotlines where that wouldn’t make sense - ie running the anarchist show while Elliott was in prison.

But with this show who the fark knows

You monsters!

Good point. The INXS montage was top stuff.

They killed Joanna Wellick? Why?


Rest in peace, you sexy, crazy minx

Good ep (just finished it). They are moving the story along far far more quickly this season.

I knew you would be upset about Mrs Tyrell Peos. My first thought when I saw it was Peos is going to be p/ssed.

My second thought was even with a bullet in her head - still kinda hot