What would you do?

I have had this conversation with family and friends and no one agrees with me.

OK, what would you do if you were walking through a park or parklands, or like place, and you found a shopping bag stuffed full with $50 and $100 notes?

You would be amazed how many people say they would take it to the nearest police station. I said I would get the hell out of there and keep it. Why? Who the hell, but a crook, stuffs a shopping bag with dough? Keeping it would be just. Am I wrong? I hasten to add that if I knew, or found out, that it was some old couple’s life savings, or something like that, I would definitely return it to them.

I stand to be corrected here and would like to hear the honest opinion of others.

Freedom costs a buck o’five


Whatcha mean?

What about option c, keep on walking because you’re afraid you are on candid canera.


Was it a good shopping bag

Aldi. Good different?

Never thought of candid cameras. Let’s say we’re in parklands where that is highly unlikely.

I’ll get back to you.

Was that a question?


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Dingus, old buddy, I’m not getting any answers :slight_smile:

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So, … I grab it and take it home, … then scour the news for a few Months to see if it’s reported missing, or what it might be connected to, … then make a moral judgement based on the story.

Then if satisfied I’m good with keeping it,… give a fair bit to charity, and the rest into the accounts I have for the G Kids to get a Degree &/or deposit on a House.


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Great answer! Love it!

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The answer, clearly, is to heed the advice of The Steve Miller Band.

Ha ha tell me!

Donate it to the Flight Plan

Go on.

Take the money and run.

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Gotta go. Will check in tomorrow to see if I’m immoral or smart and just. :slight_smile:

VD sucks!

I’d give the bag to you Vinnie. That way you can deal with the drug dealers out for revenge.

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I wouldn’t touch it. I found $50 a year or so ago while on holidays. I went to pick it up and my wife yelled at me don’t touch it its bad luck( she was going on about budda and karma) Itold her she was out of her mind so I put it in my pocket. 2 days later I got really crook and was off work for a week and didn’t feel right for about 3 or 4 weeks. When I was at the train station a month or so ago I went to top up my myki card and there was $20 hanging out of the machine so I handed it straight to the desk. Easy come easy go.
Plus I wouldn’t want the drug dealers after me.