What's your favourite fruit?

I don’t like a lot of fruit but if I had to award it to something first would be the grape. Simple, easy to eat, barely anything to prepare except a bit of a rinse and you’re set to go.

Always happy to go a cornelia pear, pink lady apple and a nashi pear.

Last position for me are berries. Too sweet.

Tomato the only fruit that goes on a pizza. So it can’t be beaten. Coz pizza.


Olives are a fruit that goes on pizza. Same with capsicum.

And of course … (dons fireproof suit amd body armour) … so does pineapple!!!

(Mango is the best fruit though)


Mangosteen or ripe jackfruit straight off the tree. Toss of a coin between those two.

Apricots straight off the tree a very honorable mention.


Damn chilli too.

A Mexican pizza is really a fruit pizza. Mind blown :exploding_head:


Your theory lasted 1 post!

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All year round, I like strawberries, blackberries, raspberries and blueberries. All mixed up. Has a good mix of bitter and sweetness as well as enough antioxidants to help keep your digestive system going.

My favourite apple would be the jazz apple. Love it.

Kensington Pride mangoes. All the others are okay, but I can smash these down easily through summer.

I’d also overeat Passion fruit if it’s good quality.

And also tangelo’s. Especially early in the season when they are a bit more on the bitter side than sweet.

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Deserved, given I derailed the thread one post in. Was a brutal rebuttal :joy:

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Mango (refrigerated)
Freshly picked Raspberries.

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Anyone who refrigerates fruit relinquishes the right to consume fruit.

I also agree with whoever said jackfruit is the best

Tangelo’s are the most underrated fruit going around IMO.

It’s mainly sweetness but there’s that perfect amount of tartness that cuts through.

Easy to peel and no seeds, or very few.

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White nectarines.


Bananas or Blueberries.

Another vote for Tangelos. Sooo delicious.
Honourable mention - red papaya. All year round a winner


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Got to be stone fruit. All kinds.

My go too is yellow nectarines but I do love plums, peaches etc when in season.

Hasn’t always been the case. Used to be a big berry man. Specifically strawberries. Only good one’s mind you, had to smell right.

Also when you get a great apple. So good.

And I eat oranges because well fibre.

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Mushroom is also a fruit…

Isn’t that a fungus?

Yep but the mushroom is the fruiting body of the fungus. The mycelium is the equivalent to the tree body…

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