When we won our last final


J Watson

All guns. Professional, Would not give up. Played for the club.

I went that day, yes knowing that we weren’t going to win the flag, but knowing we would not die wondering on the day. It was a great day out, the sun was shining and I remember sitting in the Northern stand. That was the last finals match I really enjoyed. Great times.



Nobody was 'avin a larf at my performance, that’s for sure.




Justin Murphy had 28 touches! No one yesterday had 28.

That was also Brent Stanton’s rookie season


Hmmmm, 1st child born in the week after that match. (Before the semi). Oh dear…


The not as yet maligned Brent Stanton



Nah, can’t do it.




I think Missy Higgins had a #1 hit with Scar around that time. Very appropriate…


Imbruglia with “Torn” ??


Imagine if we came back and won this game
what legendary players
young watson
johnno brothers


Did Russell Robertson bust out his acoustic guitar that day? Didn’t we all love it when Russell Robertson busted out a few tunes.


Wasn’t that 90’s??


My only memory of that day is of Adam Yze(?) (or someone else entirely) roving the pack at the Punt Road end in the dying minutes and snapping a long floating banana on goal that had all Dees supporters up celebrating - only for the kick to swing wide for a behind. I then remember the siren going shortly after and then just basically everyone getting stuck into those supporters who had prematurely celebrated - ahhh the simple pleasures in life.


I was in my second year as a lawyer, happily single and had only just earlier that year moved out of home for the first time.

Since then emigarated overseas for work, immigrated back home for work, got married, bought a house (and owned it for 7 years) and had a child.

I remember my colour screen phone and thinking it was amazing. I also thought my discman with its ability to play highly compressed audio files was awesome. Not awesome enough though to avoid being replaced by my new mini disc player in 2004 though. Those were exciting times.


I was a single man selling lighting and electrical products.

Now I’m a married man with three kids selling lighting and electrical products.



Was completing my uni degree in Finance, 4 years before I met my now wife. My mate and I had just celebrated our 22nd birthdays that year. It was 3 years before I made my first trip overseas. Since then I have been overseas 8 times.

Richmond sucked


Playing in that game was Jobe Watson’s career highlight. Along with his first game. He didn’t mention any others when interviewed before he retired.

Say no more.


So, it’s only been 13 years.

Why does everyone keep saying 15??

13 is much better … :smirk: