When we won our last final


First year out of uni, lazing about, only half looking for work. My family went over to watch the Melbourne final and I didn’t for whatever reason. I remember thinking it was no big deal, I’d just go next year.


I remember that every year I was in primary school (1998-2004), Essendon made finals. Then once I got to high school, only made it once (2005-2010). Why could it not be the other way around?


Go back to primary school and all our woes will be over


Oh and I used to regularly use Teletext to check the scores/ ladder back in 2004. Dad refused to get dial up internet, didnt see the point.


Back then I was spending too much time on the internet. Now…


13 f melbs


I reckon I’d dominate the inter-school sports teams. Might be on to something here.


I was a first year uni student, having moved from the sticks to Melbourne. Unfortunately I was also broke af and while I was able to spring for a membership I didn’t attend that day, listening instead to a young David Hille bring us home on the radio.

I genuinely thought Andy Welsh would be a gun mid, but I always knew Henneman and Bolton were pants.

Tactically, I mark 2004 as the beginning of Sheeds decline in earnest. Coaches were beggining to rotate massively of the bench and Paul Roos would soon change our understanding of field position. We wasted some serious talent over the remainder of his tenure. Oh well.


LOL. I have dementia so can’t remember this game.


I was in grade 4 and used to spend my days mucking around with the kids from down the street. I’m now in the final year of my law degree.



I was a relative kid. Identified as a Dons fan but only watched a couple of games a year. The only way EFC affected my mood was a slight uplift if I found out they won, 0 effect if they lost.

It was a simpler time and yesterday for the first time since 2010 when I became rabid, I’m considering going back.


I was overseas at the time. I remember seeing the result on the internet at London airport. I didn’t know anything else about that finals series until weeks later i went into an internet cafe and saw port had won the flag


Resigned myself to the fact I will never see us decent or better in my adult life.

I’m 30.


I was still in primary school and we weren’t a joke back then. I remember this game as the one Hird finished with the ball as the siren went and he threw it up in the air in celebration (?). Simpler and happier times.


and that one mate that had dead or alive…


2000 was a happier time.

the theme parks in qld were still cool.

Essendon were good

felt super proud to have grown up in the area a few of my essendon heroes grew up in.

didn’t have the wear broad brim hats at recess (primary school).

footy days

sausage rolls brought to your class room from the canteen.

canteen still had lollies


Was 27. Had moved up to Brisbane for work and spent too much time in the Valley.

Was still playing in a band with BenFTI.

Single, childless & spent far too much time associating with microdots.

Was on my way to embracing an almost Dyson Heppell look.


I was wearing an onion on my belt, as was the style of the time. Barbara Stanwick and I used to take the early trolley to Jolimont to avoid the inner city coal miners getting off shift. The country was still in deep shock owing to the mysterious disappearance of Mr Holt from Cheviot beach and Saturdays brought some hours of sweet respite from the tensions of the cold war.

Fk me we’ve been utterly useless shyte for so friggin long.


I moved to East Melbourne in 2005 to be closer to the G. So close was Our place that on more than one occasion I decided to go home and use the toilet as it was quicker than braving half time toilet queues.

Little did I know that 13 years later I would be living in another country without having seen us win another final.


My best mate is a Dee and we went together. He refused to shake my hand at the end of it. I brought that up in my best man speech at his wedding 2 years ago.