When we won our last final


I was doing heaps of smack, quite a lot actually. I was 27, just finishing primary school and about to become a lawyer.

Today I’m watching a TV quiz game show with lots of extroverts called ‘Pick a Thinker’ on ABC. Things are looking up.


i had never heard of Bomberblitz. My productivity at work was much higher back then…


I was a gym junky, managing a brothel and a few strippers, and about to get a divorce.
Life is a lot quieter now.


any interesting stories?


Lol. You arrived on Blitz too late. They’ve already been told.


It’s a commonly known secret that @Reboot is Hunter S Thompson.


you know the old saying “a story told twice will garner even more likes” *

*i may have made that up


True, I wasn’t grey

Edit: Still have hair so thats a lid off…wait


So you were a fit healthy man, with good coin, who had free access to strippers and hookers.

Yeah, I can see why you’d want to give that up


They were up to season 9 of survivor they’re airing season 36 at the moment.


I had just come back from six months in the former Soviet union as a consultant to the oil industry, regularly getting pulled up by corrupt cops for bribes, drinking in seedy bars in Baku with AWOL US soldiers from Iraq, sharing a beer with Chechnyan rebels up on the border with Russia, and playing cards with CIA officials and Azeri celebrities at the Baku Sheraton. I come back to see David Hille save the day for us vs. Melbourne, whilst half the MCG was being pulled down for the new Northern Stand… today I now live in Canberra. Oh dear.


You need to stop watching the bureau. It’s messing with your mind.


You were finishing high school at 27 :thinking:


Edit: primary school at 27 :roll_eyes:


My first year of being a teenager. Funny how life passes you by.


Fear & Loathing in Tasmania


Those were the days my friend.


I was 27 I had arrived back that week from over 4 years of living and traveling in Europe. It was literally the first game I’d been too in all that time. I remember thinking we might actually challenge for the flag because we got Geelong the next week and they were an unproven side back then. God damn that was a ■■■■■■■ eon ago.


The awesome house and dance tracks from the late 90s early 00s was dying/dead.

I was in year 12 I think. Maybe year 11 I dunno. I was smoking a lot of pot. And drinking too much Woodstock and Southern Comfort. I don’t smoke anymore but I can drink like it’s going out of fashion.

FMD I had nothing to worry about back then. Now…


I was still in year 12.

Still remember Hird throwing the ball up in the air when the siren sounded…who knew what would happen from that moment and that he would be involved in the blackest period of our existence…