Which game is our next win?

Just briefly looking over the fixture, and thinking our next win may be the swans at the G.

That’s 6 weeks.

West Coast


I think we’ll do ok against Bye.


Not confident.

AFL could find something to fine us for just to things rolling and we can probably come up with some great off field virus that rubs out all people over 190cm.

I think the next new thread will be a win.


Freo and Richmond defend well so we’ll struggle to score.

Watching Fark Carlton today and they look good enough to turn us over too.

If Hawthorn haven’t improved by the time we play them then we’re a chance. It will be a close game on the current form of both teams.

When’s the VFL play?

We’ll beat freo

Wont change the fact we are sh*t

We will win next week against Freo.

Bye are long overdue for a win though. Danger game

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Nah. Freo will beat Richmond and the only thing stopping them rolling us at that point is if the get lazy/cocky. I’m expecting to get smashed by them.

We will lose to the bye by way of someone getting injured.

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Our vfl team would go in as favourites against us.

There is not one team who I feel even remotely confident in coming up against

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You haven’t been watching today, I take it?

Round 2 next season.

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We will still play finals.

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We will still beat Fremantle next week. The club will get a rocket up its ■■■■ this week (like similar to the Melbourne game earlier in the season) and will be stung into action.

That good form won’t last though.

Fremantle game last year at Etihad was 13.21 to 11.4 - should’ve been a 80 point win. The Dockers have improved this year and will be a testing game… but we will still get up. Another false dawn.

Won’t know until the 2020 fixture is released



VFLW have got this covered. Might win more than seniors and reserves combined.

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In the under 9’s.


Similar things were said about the Sydney game.