Who is your most despised team and Why?

Okay this may have been done in the past, but hey, tastes change. Could be a player or coach you despise who transferred to a new club or simply a work colleague who’s mania makes your skin crawl . Interested in who currently sits at the top of the most despised as the season begins. My early guess is Carlton. Am I Wrong?

  1. Which team do you hate - Carlton
  2. Why? - Hated them since early childhood. Had an uncle in Melbourne who would call me in Shepparton almost every time Essendon lost and Carlton won to harass me. I was 7!!! In the end my parents had to tell him to stop calling.
  3. How far does that hatred extend? - When looking for an apartment to purchase in the inner city I told my wife that I refused to look at Carlton.
  • Carlton
  • Collingwood
  • Hawthorn
  • North Melbourne
  • Richmond
  • Sydney
  • West Coast
  • Melbourne
  • Port Adelaide
  • Adelaide
  • Geelong
  • St Kilda
  • Western Bulldogs
  • Gold Coast
  • GWS
  • Brisbane Lions
  • Fremantle
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Carlton by far. Followed by Collingwood
Carlton have been almost as mediocre as us the last 20 years so seeing them succeed really fkn ■■■■■ me. Collingwood have been mostly successful in that time so i already expect them to do well. While i hate it, not as much as FC.


1: Who: Fark Carlton
2: Why: Because Fark Carlton, that’s why. And 1999 merely solidified it…
3: How deep? If Little Miss B came home and announced she was supporting FCFC she would be immediately dumped outside on the doorstep, the doors locked, the curtains closed, and our wills suitably re-written.


Their Supporters. They have nothing to show for how many years?

  3. Its only superficial because AFL is just a meaningless pastime meant for enjoym…FARK CARLTON.
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About the same as us.

Why isn’t there a Fark Carlton option in the poll?

P.S. Fark Carlton.


Fark Carlton light years above anyone else.

Probably hate them more than I like Essendon.


Also, poll-affecting order of options much?

I didn’t want to lead the witness

Carlton because FARKCarlton

I find these guys help personify the feelings in this thread. Feel free to ad.

  • Which team do you hate - Essendon
  • Why? - Because they have become the laughingstock of the AFL and I see no future with them. I feel embarrassed every time someone asks me who I support. Unfortunately, I can’t stop supporting them, I’m a glutton for punishment.
  • How far does that hatred extend? - I spend my days on Blitz telling everyone how ■■■■ they are and how we are all idiots for supporting them.

Your ■■■■■■■ sacked from any premiership celebration for that day it comes.

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I’m probably in the same camp. I was like in pig in ■■■■ the first 7 or 8 weeks of last season watching Blues Abroad on YouTube as their supporters threw their toys out of cot. Unfortunately the last 6 to 7 games were not nearly as fun.


Meh, I live in darkness now.

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  1. Which team do you hate - Collingwood by a nose from Fark Carlton
  2. Why? - as a 10 year I forced to suffer the pain as an Essendon supporter of watching us get beaten in a Grand Final which saw them breaking their Colliwobble curse. Even worse was having to attend a post grand final dinner on Johnson St Collingwood where it was a party atmosphere when I felt like my world had just ended. Then after dinner we walked to the nearest train station which was Victoria Park which our host (a bloody filth supporter) suggested we cross the street and go inside the oval. We arrived shortly before the team was presented on stage and I was forced to hear that freaking god awful theme song on repeat a thousand times. The only positive was I got to hit Monkhurst on the head from vantage point of my old man’s shoulders. Gees that was a thick skull. I have hated them ever since. All my mates who support them are horrible people when it comes to footy which just reinforces my hatred.
  3. How far does that hatred extend? - I could never ever consider living in Collingwood - I did suffer the pain of living in Fark Carlton as a poor uni student.

My Fark Carlton hate extends from Prelim Final
1999. Losing the game was bad enough but having to suffer the noise made by my uni roommate who I had taken to the game all the way home was enough to send me straight to bed without having eaten or spoken to anyone from the moment the siren sounded.

Fark I have a lot of hate.


Collingwood & Carlton not sure who’s worse. Fark most clubs tbh

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If you ask me which interstate team, it’s Sydney by a lot.