Why aren't Essendons academy’s producing?

I’ve been seeing a lot of media and discussion about other clubs and their academy selections and up and coming players, yet I see nothing about ours?
Anyone know why we aren’t seemingly producing anyone or am I missing something?


James Hird academy has produced 5 year veteran Jake Long


Measured response…

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Why aren’t god listening?


Probably because it’s like 18months old and other clubs have been had a kid or two that have developed independently.

The Sydney academy took years of unrewarded development before they landed Heeney

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Haven’t they landed more than Henney?

Heeney was their first big pay off, by the time they scored him they had invested years and loads of money into their academy.

Take Norf this year for example, they’ll get Thomas despite barely putting any work into his development, he has been highly rated since he was 14/15 well before Norf were in the picture. They simply got lucky.

If the academy system had been brought in a few years earlier we would have gotten lucky and probably landed Daniel Rioli despite also having put little time, effort and resources into his development.

We won’t be able to criticise our NGA system for a few years yet, especially given the club hasn’t released much info about how the systems work and the programs they are running.

Regardless we got easily the best NT zone and should expect to see results in time.


we made ronke

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Probably because the AFL hasn’t really decided on the long-term rules yet… apart from it always being a pale imitation of the benefits to Sydney et al.

This was a knee-jerk reaction by the AFL to McGuire publicly seething, they’re not serious about it (and they shouldn’t be, because a system carving up the entire country will never be fair).


I think we will be eligible to pick up Daniel Rioli’s brother in the 2019 Draft

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Well if that’s the case they should probably have come up with something concrete before two Melbourne teams got first round picks out of it, but here we are.

Are Hawthorn or Richmond also eligible?

He is not in their academy and their is no brother/brother rule or brother / cousin rule

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Rarely is the question asked, is our academy producing?

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Any thoughts on why they isn’t / why it aren’t?


Because the grammar is wrong.


I’d check the soil pH. Also worth remembering that different varieties produce in the Melbourne region (high wind, frosts and rain). Lastly you may want to consider manually fertilizing - link below to help understand the process.



Not sure why we need to ask, it’s really rather academic.


What about their 1.7 million supporters

Surely they can form their own academy.