Why aren't Essendons academy’s producing?


Why isn’t grammars betterer?

I blame the parents.


Probably a virus in the nursering home




It’s a very academic case.


I don’t care about rules some much, especially AFL rules, they have been known to change with the wind.

I would just like the club to outline how they are engaging with communities in our zone especially migrant and refugee communities in our Calder region.

I would also love to know how they are working with the Tiwi and West Arnhem communities to improve on the living conditions, health, education and quality of life outcomes - all of which will contribute and supplement any footballing preparation provided.


They have about that number in their academy talent pool


Few turds in that pool


I’ll attepmt to answer the actual question.

Now this is more just an outside perspective, because I’ve tried to stay right out of what we are doing in our Arnhem and Tiwi zones.

A lot of clubs used the announcement of those academies to quickly list guys who where age qualified for sooner listing, we didn’t up there, but did in the multi zone in Calder.

Up north to the best of my knowledge the decision was made for a more long term view with more immediate community initiatives first. We started an academy that included a lot of kids and have added a couple of 15 year old kids to our “accelerated” program, but will get a solid couple of years of working with them before making the decision to nominate them.

Personally, I feel like we missed a couple of guys who are 18 now we should be looking at that but I’m not surprised with the longer approach. It’s been our MO post sheedy


Do you know if the club will be continuing to develop them after their initial draft year? I’d like to think we would have a VFL development path.

It would be great if we were able to get a good number of boys (and girls) playing down here in Melbourne across all levels, either all year round or even just for the winter footy season, as it would create a mini community that would help with homesickness and transitioning to city life.


It wouldn’t surprise me if that was the path chosen.


The video on the offical site said that a couple of the lads in the accelerated program where going to boarding school in Melbourne this year


Going by the recent u16 champs I’d assume both Rioli’s, Brayden and Willy (not in our program), with Stanley and John Tipiloura and (another) Long, this time a Jacob, would be the most likely candidates.

Also, for all the hype surrounding Alwyn’s kids, how is NatRat’s eldest tracking?


Benfti, do you think that the mid season rookie system would benefit a guy from the Tiwi islands for example coming to Melbourne for half a season to get a taste of Afl system?
Or would it make it harder for them to be listed that way, as wouldn’t have had half of the season to work together, and a guy like nick hind for example could come in from the vfl side instead, as he would know most of our systems and structures as they are used in the reserves.



Sydney and the Giants academy work so well in NSW because it is the avenue for all(elite) NSW talent to come through. Plus huge resources are being plowed into it.

Way way way more pathways to the AFL in football states.

That’s my take on it.


Anyone got a write up on these boys? Who is Brayden Rioli and how is he related to the others? Dean?


Daniel’s brother


Not sure if this is the same Tipuamantimirri that plays locally for Flemington or another one


Doesn’t look like a Rioli… he’s a twig in that photo!