Why aren't Essendons academy’s producing?


Tyson (I assume) looks arrogant.


Sounds like brayden rioli has lit it up on the weekend vs Waratahs.

All in the genes … Daniel Rioli’s younger brother Brayden kicked 3 goals and ‘almost took mark of the year for the second week in a row’ to win this week’s nomination for the @TheNTNews rising star award.

More: bit.ly/2RDKyJg


Do we know much about him or when he’s eligible to be drafted?


Think he is 2020 draft eligible




Shhh. It’s the thread title that keeps giving.


So is Rioli ours if we want him in 2020?


Only if the feeling is mutual and we have the currency


Why aren’t Essendon’s academies producing; or
Why isn’t Essendon’s academy producing



Why isn’t Essendon’s academies-producing producer producing?


Because it’s in production


How many goals Essendon academy’s kick?


Everytime I see this thread title pop up to the top of the news feed it hurts my brain. It’s like a riddle without an answer


Maybe it needs more Oxford comma.


Why isn’t Essendon’s academie’s producing?

It’s an apostrophocalypse


Looks like Fyfe


Y arnt da Essington Acadamee produce


How many academy Essendon have?



All of your academy are belong to us now.