Winter Olympics - trying to not die


That was terrifying.


Before the women’s moguls final last night they showed a clip of Brit Cox training on a trampoline. Most people think of a trampoline as jumping around having fun, but she was keeping her body basically still and absorbing all the bounce in her knees. It was brutal.


that would’ve been so good.


Good to see someone finally complete the course.


He’s fast becoming my favourite sports journalist. He’s on a roll this year.


The norwegian currently going doesn’t have one.


Is he the one called ‘Chumpy’ whose promo videos have been played seemingly on loop since last week? Given the way C7 have been pumping him up, I thought he had already won.


Same thing happened 4 years ago, and some skiing chic who was pretty easy on the eye, can’t remember her name. Promoted the ■■■■ out of them and they flopped. Is he like the “Missile” Magnusen of the Winter Olympic team?


Most of these sports fall into the catagory of things you would never watch if they Olympic rings werent attached. That being said, Ski cross or boardercross I would watch anywhere at any time


I’d watch Poohsticks if they televised it.


I remember him from the last Winter Olympics, Channel 7 called him out as the Gold Medalist from about 6 months out.

Didn’t even make the finals.


All the snowboarding events are pretty crazy, and good to watch. I watched the slope style yesterday and it was amazing.

This was the winning run in that event.


TBF wimm, you’ll watch almost anything.


Nah, Alex “Chumpy” Pullin is in the boarder-cross racing, which is effectively like BMX racing on snowboards. IIRC Chumpy got taken out in one of the earlier heats at the last Olympics. Not his fault, but he is a genuine contender for a medal.

Scotty James is in the half-pipe and is a red-hot chance for a medal. Ranked at the very top of the sport next to Shaun White at the moment, although White is widely considered to be the GOAT for snowboarding. The guy who was considered to be the guy to be better than White was a an American kid called Kevin Pearce. Just before the 2010 Olympics he was training to do some monster half-pipe trick and he misjudged his landing and face-planted on the lip of the half-pipe. Ended up with a major brain injury and in a coma and had to re-learn to walk and talk. Basically unable to properly snowboard again because of his balance and co-ordination issues, as well as the doctors being unsure of the risk of hitting his head again (as all snowboarders would know how likely this is). He now does a lot of work promoting TBI research and treatment. We make jokes about how these athletes take crazy risks, but the outcomes are sometimes horrendous.


It’s like roller derby on ice. CARNAGE


That is a flagrantly veracious statement.


It sounds a bit racist to call it ‘slope style’ just because it’s in Korea.


I think Scotty is on a hiding to nothing against White, he is the centimental favourite and he is going for history.

Chumpy did get bundled in the semi’s last Olympics, some other dude fell and slowed him down and SX is all about momentum


Snowboarders are a menace.


Well Diggers as I am never ever near snow, I’ll believe you. :slight_smile:

I have only watched a few highlights here and there. I watched a doco once based on the jump one where they fly through the air. Flaming awesome.

It started in Norway in winter of course, nothing else much to do. They used to practice going off the roof of their houses. :grin: