Winter Olympics - trying to not die


Go Bombers I’II be home for the season :slightly_smiling_face:

Go Scotty go


Can’t see how shaun white doesn’t win, he was going so much higher than everyone else.


I have no idea how they score, does it go by how high they get?


Yes but also the complexity of the trick, style and how well they nail the landings.


Thanks hambo


height = more time in the air to do things, so hes able to do tricks many people only dream of.


And most importantly which judges you get.


I saw that Scotty James had a bit of a sook about the judges but IMO The Flying Tomato craps all over him in the style stakes. His little tweaks and flair as well as great flow through the whole ride would attract the attention of the judges. Then again boring robot style has won Tony Hawk many a skate ramp comp due to the tech points he racks up.


Gil’s bro "there has been a huge crash in the Luge…not sure she would walk again… But she is on her feet and walking off the track.

Let’s take a look at the replay of the crash…it is absolutely sickening.


To be fair, it did look like both her ankles should have snapped like twigs.

But Gil jnr can go fark himself on principle.


It was more I was thinking what would it take them to not actually show the replay. What if she was carted of on a stretcher unable to move, would they still show the replay. What if she had died?


Like the other time, he can fall


get rowdy for the first indigenous winter olympian @benfti


halfpipes on for those interested.


C’mon, Chunky!


that was insane!


Oh No!


Few guys struggling to get in their first run.


That should score well.


that was smooth