Woosha – final moments or finals moment?

Agreed no reason at all for Ridley to be dropped he was becoming a key defender for us close to the Redman mould.

Woosha is a ■■■■■■■ never liked him ever!

5 comeback wins isn’t good footy it’s based on morale of the playing group. The game plan was and is under 12’s stuff


Caracella ?
We need to know more about him don’t we? He alone cannot take the credit at the Tigers
For a start Balme is there

I doubt we are a better side on paper than the Bulldogs


He takes credit wherever he goes, he should be a senior coach now.

I have no doubt he will replace Woosha when his contract is up or perhaps next year and Woosha is sacked

I agree he looked very good last year and even - at times - in the seniors earlier this year.

Second half of this year he has stunk.
Like, not “not regularly featuring in the bests” stunk - genuinely struggling.

I generally shy away from suggesting players are soft, because I know it’s very easy from here and all of these guys would smash me sideways. But he has a nasty habit of doing nothing for 3 quarters, then popping up for 6 or 7 uncontested switch kick possessions in the last. And they tried him half back, they tried him wing, they tried him as a proper mid size defender - and he has just plain stunk.

I wouldn’t be shocked if he’s on the way out. As I have said, he looked very very good last year. But it’s not last year.

I hope he is the answer we have been long awaiting
We need to be the best team again nothing less will do!!!

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Super intelligent player and even better coach bookmark it

He will be our coach next year or year after

That inspires all of us
Just get Joey fit

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Yes,yes you are

Not so smug now are you. I’m personally hoping before we select our next coach

You, @Henry_s_Angry_Pills, @Your_Team and @Deckham are all asked your preference. That way we will select the right one. That way you can continue to be smug and look down on others that don’t share your opinion


You can’t read?

What are you on about?

Are you asking my opinion on who should coach next year?

Put @Henry_s_Angry_Pills, @ArmyOfPoon, @wimmera1 and @IceTemple on our next coaching selection panel.

Then we can all take bets on who will murder who first.


I accept this challenge, and also welcome my press conference when I’m sacked

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Why me? I haven’t been a happy clapper. I supported the guy at the start of the year but then called out that it was time for him to go.

Why don’t you put yourself on that list considering you seem to think you know who should coach?

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Mostly cos it’d be outrageous fun trying to get you and wim to agree on something

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Actually Wim and i agree on quite a lot, it’s just that when we don’t it gets a bit…testy.

We all want to see your testy.

How bad must Matty Sea be performing, if he can’t get a game ahead of Benny Mcniece?, and playing Hooker with one arm, ahead of Hartley, suggests the club will delish the latter in two weeks.

I just feel like you’d be the middle ground guy who disagreed with both sides!