Woosha – final moments or finals moment?

My concern with Sumich is that he has been in the system forever and yet has been passed on for higher roles by plenty of clubs. I’d like to know what his perceived weaknesses are


When we passed on him, his weakness was that he wasn’tMatthew Knights, the Best Coach in Australia.

I’d be happy with Ross Lyon. Yes he’d ■■■■ the list eventually, but I reckon we’d get 5 good years before he did


Do we get a flag?

No, just some nice nappy-nap time during the game.

It’s amazing how a sensible, well thought out post can lose all credibility with this one line, “I’d rather let Sheeds take over”.

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His pressers are harder to listen to than Woosha. And that’s no easy mission.

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Wouldn’t mind an honest conversation with pops Kelly to find out what he thinks our issues are, maybe we just aren’t as good as we think.


Just a couple of grand finals.
But at least we’d win a final

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It will certainly be interesting if, for example, after round 18 we are unable to make finals. What will the club do?

If we don’t make finals he has to go.

He will have 2020 left on his contract but paying him out 1 year is reasonable.

Carracella is available, we have to act.


I reckon now we have had a few injuries that will be the excuse line for this year to justify not getting rid of woosha. By the end of the year everyone will forget we were playing like garbage anyway.

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Just said the same thing.

By years end (before 1st week of the finals) if he and the existing coaching panel is in place we should burn it down.

There is no possible way to see a positive out of this season if Worsfold or the assistants (or both) are still there.


When you are not working and have very low income and you are paying $700+ each year for a silver membership and you rarely go to a game because you live interstate and cant afford the air fares, you do tend to look at ROI. If the team is doing well you can almost see where your money is going, when you team has been ■■■■ for the past 18 years you start to seriously question your loyal investment in the club.


Paying him out on year is NOT reasonable. He should never have been extended for two years. Especially not at the start of last season when we were doing so well.

Did Ross Lyon ever play for Essendon? I’m sure he had some connection to Essendon.
Let’s face it we’re standing on the edge of a cliff, the only way is backwards. We need to have a big clean out at the end of the year and it needs to be ruthless.

Thanks Gillon for finally coming clean and showing us exactly where we stand with the AFL. Thank you Rampe, without you doing what you did, it wouldn’t have been nearly as clear, as black and white without you.

And no thanks to you EFC, another opportunity lost, where we guys, hiding under the bed???

Is that why you jumped on board in the first place? Pay for an EFC membership on the condition there won’t be periods of failure?

That’s not what he is saying and you know it


Not even close to what she is saying

Given the situation it certainly is (obviously it was a terrible error giving him 3 years).

We need a modern day coach that can take us to a flag.

Keeping him for 2020 may mean we have missed this chance