Woosha – final moments or finals moment?

Excuse me for not understanding why some supporters necessarily associate an EFC membership with the ROI concept.

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Listen to him talk. The bloke is duller than doorknob.

Okay, I’ll bite.
What do you think a membership represents?

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I’ll give you one - allegiance.

To the crown or to the realm?


Does that come with a reserved seat?

Well, that’s a second definition, if you’re now calling it a season pass.

I’m pretty sure they’ll play the last 5 rounds and try and get some more learnings

This more like it.

While we will be yearning for burnings.

I didn’t know there was only a single definition allowed.

You can have as many definitions as you like, we can discuss them all.
I think you’re on a loser doubting ROI for a season ticket though.
But your call.

Your excused

Maybe/ l just don’t view the dollars l spend on EFC as a return on “investment” concept.

You are the perfect type of supporter, as far as our board is concerned.

You seem to do nothing but question people on this thread when talking about this club. But you will blindly give up your money, without asking any questions of what you are getting in return.


It’s probably not delivering on the grand final ticket component.

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I’m with you on this.
The alternative argument is ■■■■■■■ bizarre


Probably- interesting to know whether you started supporting EFC with ROI an integral part of that decision.

Soft. I actually want our club to fold. Another saga too. I want Robbo to perform a striptease and have it played on the big screen at our home games. That’ll teach em.


Good to know/ For a while there l thought l was an island.

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