Woosha – final moments or finals moment?

No, I just loved football as a kid and started supporting them.

I am an adult now, who spends money on memberships, merchandise, all expenses that relate to watching Essendon play interstate, having Foxtel specifically to watch them on television, etc.

I do expect some return on my investment. I would find it weird if you didn’t.


Any membership is an over-commitment on the part of the supporter at the moment.

If you want to go all, ‘my country right or wrong’ about it, then fine.
I can accept that.

Or maybe you actually do think things are going swimmingly.
That’s possible.

I don’t know. I’m trying to understand but I’m getting a lot of evasiveness.

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So you started supporting EFC without coughing up the bucks, but as soon as the dollars are being spent you require something more from the club than what you were getting following Essendon as a kid.
Fair enough, they’re your bucks.


How is this controversial?
You barrack for the club through love…or something a bit more sinister, but akin to love.
The amount of dollars you spend has nothing to do with that.

Return on investment for membership fees? Now that’s passion!


I dont think they will sack him at the end of the year. I dont think winning is a priority with the board.
More being a compliant, make no waves type of club is their ultimate aim and Woosha fit this bill nicely.
Possibly there is some arrangement with the AFL regarding financial matters that the club is adhering to.


Again, it’s you confusing dollars with passion.

I love Essendon.
God help me, but I do.
My passion for them is not going to change, and it has nothing to do with how much money I give them.

Like the Melbourne Storm, I was with them through the bad times.
When we were playing for nothing.
I stood up and fought for Essendon when they needed it. That doesn’t make me special.
It’s easy to support your club when the world is against them.

But if you want to talk about dollars, well…the Storm have got a shedload more from me than Essendon have over the last few years. Doesn’t mean I like them more.

I wasn’t questioning your passion. There’s plenty of people on here complaining about their hard earned membership dollars going down the drain and asking why.

I jumped on board about 45 years ago. I am now looking at jumping overboard.


As Warren Buffet would say, when others are selling, I’m buying.

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This may be controversial to say, but…

The vast majority of people who visit this forum every day, regardless of what they say about the club, are extremely passionate supporters. Our views may differ on what the club is doing right/wrong, but everyone is passionate.

That is literally what this forum is designed for. Supporters who are so passionate about Essendon, they need a place where they can discuss everything to do with the club.

The ‘passion’ argument is a moot point on this forum.


That’s right, you barrack for Essendon. You spend dollars on Essendon.

Nooooooo, not really.
There’s people talking about ROI as a consideration.

It absolutely is.
Well, it is for me. I get unbelievable value for the money I give the Storm.
I get fark all from Essendon.

But people can spend their money as and how they want.
I’ve overcommitted and undercommitted in dollar terms for the club.

I don’t expect this disclosure to win me any friends, but I made a personal decision at the start of this year.
Despite player sponsorship giving me a ridiculous ROI in previous years, this year I decided that I couldn’t enable this folly any longer.
In the grand scheme of things it doesn’t matter. I’m sure others have taken up the slack from me not contributing.
But on a personal ethical level, that didn’t matter to me.

I think “What are my membership dollars going towards?” is a legitimate question for members to ask.

Most members want the answer to be “towards our next premiership” or “to build a football team which plays good football and wins finals matches”.

Based on recent performances (and some would say longer), some members on this forum are questioning whether their membership dollars are being spent as well as they could be.

Personally, the concept that some people pay for a membership and expect to feel enjoyment watching their team strive to win football matches in return is rational and understandable.

It’s really no different than buying tickets to see your favourite band in concert and expecting that they’ll put on a good show. You hope it’s one of the greatest of all time but so long as they’re not stinking it up onstage you feel happy.


So if you buy a ticket to an Essendon game, what’s the motivation?

You’re paying admittance to an event.
Edit: Well, at face value. You’ve also decided you’d like to see this event live rather than on tv.
Sometimes there are other considerations. You might want to show support at a time you think the club needs it especially.

I think this whole conversation started because somebody questioned where their hard earned dollars were going…

Like Mum-ra?

Did it?
I thought it was questioning the concept of ROI.

Again, love Essendon. Like the Storm.
Storm gets all my money.

Now either I’m just perverse, or a well run club gets better ROI than a mediocre one.

This is going to sound like the member forum but I get what you’re saying. I’ve been a member for 22 years and have held 2 silver/high mark seats since 2002. I’ll see where we are at come the end of the year but I’m seriously considering scaling back to a family bronze next season. It would be a shame because I love my seats but it’s money that can be better spent elsewhere.