Woosha – final moments or finals moment?

It’s not. Top 4 is good enough apparently (according to the strategic plan).

Yes it did. Somebody mentioned their money and ROI.

ROI reared it’s head.
Gets back to whether you stand at the footy watching Essendon win or lose and consciously pondering whether your “investment” in the club is or is not returning a “dividend”, or whether you stand there not thinking about why you spend your bucks on Essendon.
When it comes to the latter, I never have.

So, ‘my country right or wrong.’
Or the crown rather than the realm.
It’s not a conscious decision, it’s just blind loyalty.

Anyway, my question about membership was a genuine one.
I don’t know what it means at Essendon.
Does it make you a better Essendon person?
Is it the voting? I’ve become cynical about that.
It’s sure not the finals tickets.

I know what I’m getting with the Storm membership.
I know what it is.
I get to walk in to level two any time I want, sit down and have a meal, abuse Jon Stevens because I’ve had too much to drink, groove along to the guy playing Triple M songs on acoustic guitar, then go out and sit wherever I want.

There’s no upgrading to a seat, whatever the fark that’s about.
There’s no ‘this makes me a better person.’
Walk in, great facilities, great coach, great team.

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I gave you a genuine response.
Look, if you need to sit down and do a cost/benefit analysis on your dollars and opt in for Storm over Essendon and drink merrily, that’s good. Go for it.
Not everyone who supports Essendon goes through that process.

You make it seem more clinical than it is.
I think I made it pretty clear that the Storm membership is just easier.
And better value.
And completely unconflicted.

OK - you’ve found a better Return On Investment.
I’ll look for mine on the ASX etc.

My original tongue in cheek post was about how clinical the concept of ROI and supporting a football club is.

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cost of GA ticket = $30 11*30=$330
cost of GA home membership (11 games) $190

ROI = $330-$190 = $140

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Yes, but we’re coming at it from different directions.
I’m saying it exists, but it’s not clinical.

Anyway, I’m a poor example because I didn’t grow up with memberships.
I came from the country. We maybe saw one Essendon game per year.
Still had every Scanlon’s card 1978-1982.
Still listened to every game on the radio, still watched the Big League every Saturday night and freaked out when we were in WA and they didn’t have it.

Passion isn’t dollars.
Well run clubs and making things easy, that’s dollars.

I’ll say it again, I still don’t know what an Essendon membership is.
I honestly just prefer to give the club money.

There are many old timers proud to declare their long standing memberships, means a lot to them. Have a chat to them.


3 beers and a pie at game = $185

ROI = :sob:


Yes, I’m sure it does.
It means a lot to them.
It means nothing to me.

They might give you an angle on what an EFC membership represents.

To them, sure.
Or maybe not.
After all, I’ve directly asked you and you’ve given me absolutely nothing.

I gave you allegiance to kick off.

And I asked who to, and you ignored that.
A few times.

Look, I’m sure a lot of people get off on the little 25 on their card.
Good for them.
I’ll never have that. Probably be dead before that happens.

I don’t like that a portion of an Essendon membership goes to the friggin’ Bulldogs.

I know people who never miss a game.
I know people who will. not. boo. No matter what.
There are people who decorate their house in red and black.
There are people who go nutsbag crazy on facebook.

Good on 'em.
Good on all of them.

Still doesn’t explain to me why I should buy a membership.

And again, I know damn well why I buy the Storm one.

I expect my motivation is the same as you and everyone else on this forum - to support the team, hopefully watch them play some good football and hopefully cheer them on for a win.

Where there’s a difference is that some people get enjoyment from doing that regardless of result or circumstances.

For others, they may have to determine whether the benefit of attending will be worth the cost. This may have to travel far or at great cost, maybe they have to arrange a babysitter, maybe they have to rearrange or forgo work commitments. They will also need to assess how likely it is that they will enjoy themselves taking account of their costs to attend.

I’ll be stunned if there’s anyone on this forum who hasn’t at least subconsciously done that analysis before even if they’ve still stumped up for a ticket and attended.

Buying a membership means different things to anybody who buys one.
You’ve already touched on one reason, the little 25.
I have my reasons.
You don’t have any at the moment because EFC is letting you down and you associate that with bucks. Bucks with Storm gets you good results on the scorebaord, plus meals, Stevens and drinks at Storm games. You’re driven by a return on your bucks and it’s transient. You go where you get the best return.
Others don’t.

This isn’t about the club, it’s about what I want from a membership.
Level two, general seating, guest passes if I want.

I don’t want to pre-book.
I may not even want a seat, but I might.

How is that hard?
Why are we pretending that we ever sell out level two at Etihad?