Wordle (Part 1)

Having seen people post Wordle results on Twitter and being pushed into it by a mate, I’ve given it a try.

Not a bad logic puzzle.

My very first post I got in 2 guesses.

Aim of the game is to guess a 5-letter word.
Each guess, the program tells you if the guessed letter is in the right spot by marking it green. Right letter, wrong spot is marked yellow. Wrong letters grey.

The biggest trap is that a letter may appear more than once, but the fact that it’s correct is only represented by yellow or green, and you shouldn’t exclude that letter from other spots.

Example in today’s word…one letter appears twice.

Share the results to the clipboard and paste here.

One word per day…appears on this website Wordle - A daily word game


Wordle 201 5/6


It’s basically a cross between Hangman and the old board game Mastermind.
Gives the brain a quick workout once a day.

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I have been doing for a week since I read about it in the paper and most of mine I do in 4 guesses.

I find it pretty hard to narrow down the possibilities in anything under!

I got 3 greens in my first guess the other day but didn’t get it out, so having a bit of luck early doesn’t always help either!

OP pop in the URL into your post?

git gud bois

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Running it(the 100% record) fine with 4 sixes simmo!

Oh, I just read about this the other day and tried it. I like how they limit how often you can do it.

Got it in 4. Should quit while I’m ahead.



nah never worried mate

today’s i had down to a 50/50 after 4 so that worked out

201 was a tough one.

Wordle 201 5/6


No wish to detail the thread but if you enjoy this stuff The free Dictionary app is good - half a dozen word games along with a variety of daily articles about famous people, moments in history & quotes etc.


To go with the Age cryptic crossword and sudokus?

Fighting off Old Timers, one day at a time.

Any tips?

I usually get it in 5 attempts. Todays one is the first I didn’t get (never heard of the word before).

First guess or two… use words that have as many vowels as possible. Same as Hangman… it becomes a bit easier once you know where/what the vowels are…

I used tinea yesterday, had 3 greens…still took 4 goes.
Tinea, arise, atone are 3 good starters.

I’d imagine somewhere between 4 or 5 is probably about the average. A huge amount of luck was involved in the 2 (in particular) and 3 I managed to get.


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The most commonly used letters of the English language are e, t, a, i, o, n, s, h, and r . The letters that are most commonly found at the beginning of words are t, a, o, d, and w. The letters that are most commonly found at the end of words are e, s, d, and t.

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