World Cup Thread 2018


The South Koreans had a lot of help in the World Cup from certain officials


That’s true. Pretty farcical. Perhaps hyperbole on my part, looking for an equivalent of a lowly host nation going deep.


Yep haha, I agree though that is was great to see them get so far considering how they’re ranked compared to the other nations. Penalty’s can go either way


And that’s exactly why I don’t want England to win.


If you ever want to see an example of match fixing just check out the Korean match again Italy that WC. That was something else


Shame about Russia, but it’s been a cracking tournament so far, just brilliant. That first penalty by Russia was pure pox. Keeper dived and then sat there and stopped it anyway.


That’s what I was referring to, as an Italian supporter it was unbearable to watch


It was a strange penalty. he just sort of popped it straight to the keeper. Who looked completely wrecked and not like he could have saved even a quarter decent shot.

I did feel like we had the better opportunities and play during the day, so the right outcome. Just heart stopping stuff watching the penalties.


Are you all pumped. I’m organising some stuff for the Cro club in Sydney. I cancelled my singapore trip this week. Buzzing.


Why do these two games get played simultaneously?


Do? Don’t? One tomorrow morn, one Thursday morn.


Oh. Ha. I’ve misread.


I’m nervous and excited at the same rime



LOL. I know what you mean. Nerves have not kicked in yet. Family are going crazy over there, the club will be crazy tomorrow.


Belgium :belgium: has its own version of Brexit with breakaway movements.
Apart from cycling, soccer is about the only thing that unites Belgium as a country. When Belgium came fourth in the World Cup a while back, the team got a hero’s welcome when it came home ( would not happen here, where winner takes all). A great sense of perspective and no media speculation about the number of Vlaames or Walloons in the team.
Whatever the result, Thierry Henry won’t want to be crossing the border back into France for a while.


yawn Ok, … who’s who in the zoo?

Who are you going for?

Probably just prefer France to win, … but reckon Belgium might have the goods.


Hah, I’m opposite to this.


Fair enough. Why Belgium?

I’m just half expecting England to win, … and reckon ENG V France would be classic.


Am in Nice, waiting for the match to start. Don’t mind who wins, but am in France, their hospitality has been awesome, so going to hope they make it through.


Pretty pleased got 2 Blitzers watching along with me. :slightly_smiling_face::wine_glass: